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Customer Rating: ( 1147 product reviews )
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Get The Most Reviewed Kombucha SCOBY Culture In North America And Make Kombucha Tea At Home For FREE!

Now you can make delicious and healthy kombucha tea, just like the kinds in the store that sell for over $4 a bottle, at home for free.

With our premium organic kombucha cultures (aka kombucha mushroom, kombucha scoby, kombucha mothers), kombucha recipes and brewing supplies, homemade kombucha tea has never been easier! -Dave

Here's What You Are Going To Get

  • ONE Fully Grown Organic Kombucha Mushroom Culture - 6 inches in diameter! Our kombucha mushroom cultures are kombucha mothers which mean they are ready to make kombucha mushroom tea the very first time.  
  • Kombucha Mushroom Tea Starter.  When buy kombucha culture starter from us it comes packaged in its own kombucha starter tea to ensure your kombucha mushroom is full of life when you receive it AND to add to your first batch of kombucha to ensure success!


  • Lifetime Membership to GetKombucha Community Support Forums and Trainings ($195 Value)
  • 17 Kombucha Mushroom Recipes Instructional Online Videos.  Instant Online Access. ($20 Value)
  • Kombucha Bottling and Flavoring Guide.  ($10 Value)

Why Buy A Kombucha SCOBY From GetKombucha?

  • SAFE.  Your kombucha mother culture will be FRESH, packaged in Free Kombucha Starter Tea.. NEVER Dehydrated!
  • EASY.  We include free video and article acces to our kombucha culture recipe and have 24/7 support to all of your kombucha mushroom tea recipe questions!
  • SAVE TIME AND MONEY.  Say goodbye to $5 store bought kombucha  bottles and hello to perfectly flavored kombucha at home whenever YOU Want It!  This is going to be the BEST investment you are going to make!
  • BETTER.  Now you are in control on how you want your kombucha.  From the sugar, to the flavor, and the fizz... you get to choose it.


   #1 Kombucha Site in Sales, Support, and Reviews

We HATE bold claims that can not be backed up.  So here is us walking the walk. 

  • Since 2006 we have shipped over 5,000 kombucha mother cultures all over North America.  More than any other kombucha brew site online. 
  • Over 25,000 home brewers have subscribed to our kombucha brewing and recipe newsletter.  
  • We have over 2,300 combined product and kombucha course reviews (this is a new site and we are currently working on moving the reviews over to this page).



Watch This Video On What I Am Going To Give You Today With Your Order...

Premium Kombucha SCOBY with Kombucha Starter Tea

  • ONE Fully Grown Organic Kombucha Mother Mushroom Cultures - 6 inches in diameter! ~  When you buy kombucha mother cultures fro us they are individually packaged in its own organic kombucha starter tea! Buy 2.. get both of the separately packaged!
  • Also included with your order is access to our online Kombucha Recipe Guide and Videos!
Customer Rating: ( 1147 product reviews )
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Product Reviews

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  1. Free Kombucha Boosters Rule!

    Posted by Jessica

    First off, thank you for this amazing site.. I refer all my friends and family as it is a wonderful resource to learn in a fun and easy environment.

    Now for my review: I went ahead and got the Have It All Package (Hey I'm a girl that wants it all!)... and I am really glad I did. The heat mat has been great and something I needed since day one due to the seasons here. Not sure if you mentioned it before, but people should know that it also comes with a link to a great instructional video on how to use it!

    The tea is by far the best tea I have ever tasted... ever! I am not talking about for kombucha, but ever.... I have been using it for hot tea to take to work in my thermos in the morning at it is the best way to start my day (I drink my booch when I come home after my workout).

    Finally the boosters are so great too.. so far I have tried the Relaxation/Meditation and the Energy/Happiness - ha ha they are like night and day! Not only does it custom my brew but each one offers a unique natural taste from the different herbs. I also have been reusing the muslin filters like you said for my kombucha tea blend.. really easy to clean and air dry right from the sink.

    Sorry for the long msg.. but I know not enough people take the time to say thank you, and I thought you deserved it!

    Happy Brewin' Dave...

  2. Customer Service All Star

    Posted by Fionna

    After a recent error on my part ordering Scoby I didnt need (over a blurry Holiday weekend!), Dave was super helpful about offering me an exchange for an alternative ... Great response time, attitude and customer service all star.

    Happy Brewin to all of you who know that getkombucha.com is the place to go for all

  3. so awesome

    Posted by Debbi

    this was a HUGE culture (I know b/c I have purchased from other site's who were cheaper but got a thing that was the size of a quarter).

    The culture was larger than a CD and about a half inch thick.

    Plus the starter tea was so good (yes, don't judge me, I tasted it to get my kombucha fix!)..

    wow I hope my k-tea turns out as good as your dave.


    ps: thanks for all your free info! I actually was following you for almost 4 months before I purchased so I guess that karma thing works after all!

  4. Just a scoby, please!

    Posted by Liz

    This looks dandy for people who are just starting to brew. However, I am experienced and I just want a scobi. I do not need videos, culture starter, or any extra bs to hike up the price. Please can I just get a scoby and not all this superfluous stuff?!

    ***** GetKombucha.com Response ****

    Thanks for the feedback Liz! We wanted to offer options to fit everyone's needs, which is why you have the choice of only getting a culture by selecting the no add ons option above.

    Dave :)

  5. Scoby Arrival

    Posted by Mike

    Scoby arrived perfect. Packaging was the best, plenty of oxygen and triple bagged. Good Job, Dave.

  6. wow! who know it was so easy

    Posted by Dorriss

    why didn't I start doing this when I first drank kombucha.. do you guys advetise with wholefoods?

    thanks for the great product and free lessons!

  7. nice support, great culture

    Posted by Benny

    got it pretty fast, and then also got some great follow up vids and tips.. every question I had was answered in the free onine course that comes with it..

    looking forward to starting a little side kombucha bizz.. and learning all of it from Dave.

    Thanks Bro!

  8. took forever

    Posted by Annie

    feel bad giving 3 stars b/c I have gotten so much free stuff from this site and have learned so much.. but they took forever to ship and I had to call 3 times and no reply..

    when I emailed them though they wrote back write away, so if you need to contact these guys write to them on facebook or email.

    sorry guys.. the good news is that I will order again and see if you can ship faster :)

  9. Thanks for the Mushroom

    Posted by Darcy

    Thanks Dave! fast shipping too!

  10. Huge Culture

    Posted by Jason

    I got one from a friend before and it was half the size and as thin as 10 sheets of paper.. the one I got from getkombucha was huge, big, and potent.

    the starter tea was also really good.

    no problems brewing either. highly recommend

  11. Nice Package

    Posted by Adam

    Packaged really really well.. also their loose tea blend is perfect for kombucha (obviously), but also makes a really nice iced tea too!

  12. Yay Kombucha

    Posted by Lisa

    At first I couldn't believe that you could actually make this stuff.

    Then I went online and saw Dave's course and got it.. now taking the plunge.

    thanks Dave

  13. free surprises

    Posted by Kylie

    Don't want to spoil it for anyone but they give you free stuff with your order.. at least they did on mine :)

    huge culture, and nice starter tea.. very fresh and I have been brewing for a month now with no problems!

  14. The basics to get brewing

    Posted by Amanda B

    For those that want the basics to get brewing, this is perfect.

    Nothing more , nothing less... well that's not true b/c you get a crazy amount of support (from Dave and facebook.com/getkombucha) -- I think he also give special videos to customers, in addition to the free videos he has up on youtube, but not 100% sure.

    Any way great stuff, thanks Dave you rock!

  15. The best tea I have ever drank

    Posted by Donny

    ok now I know you won't believe me b/c my friends who brew kombucha think it's not that good but I just made the best batch ever with this culture (and I have gotten others from other sites before).

    It's too strong for most people but thats how I like it.. thanks Dave for the kick %ss brew

  16. Great Product, Need More Help Though

    Posted by Emily

    It is very easy they tell me, but I guess I just need more help.. the online videos would be great buty I need to go to the library to watch them.. is there a way to get them on DVD?

  17. gotta love the booch

    Posted by Robin

    i love kombucha so much and am so happy that i purchased a culture to get brewing.

    no trouble what so ever.. even included a free tea sample!

  18. 8 days till free kombcuha

    Posted by cynthia

    got it on monday, and on the next monday i bottled half and drank half with my wife.

    amazing! can't believe how easy it really is!

  19. Nice size culture

    Posted by Lindsay

    the cultures are hiuge and they are packaged really well with starter tea.

    also love the site and facebook page for support.

    Love kombucha and now happy that I can make as much as I want

  20. Love the booch

    Posted by Barbara

    got the kit pretty fast.. even though it was during a holiday. Not sure if they always do it but mine came Priority Mail.

    Oh and the scoby was huge!

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