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Discover The Perfect Way To Celebrate Health For Yourself and Loved Ones And Make An Impression At Your Next Social Event In Style

How cool is this? This is THE BEST GIFT to bring to a party, holiday get together, or dinner. While others are bringing bottles of wine, or sugar loaded cakes, you will have the only unique and healthy offering.

As you probably already know, the Glucoronic Acid in Kombucha Tea is attributed to cleansing the liver. When drinking spirits, our liver becomes the most stressed so it is a wonderful compliment to a night out.

It is also the perfect alternative to a night of drinking. Buy champagne tea as a gift! I can't tell you how many of my friends that do not drink have thanked me for providing an alternative to an alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage* besides unhealthy colas and plain club soda.

Our Master Brewer, Ardi, has been rockin the best tasting kombucha for over TWO DECADES... and has stuck to a tried and true artisan small batch method.  When I'm not drinking my own homeade kombucha tea, this is the one I prefer! -Dave

 Here's What You Are Going To Get

  • Same world famous kombucha tea found in our regular size bottle, now elegantly packaged in a champagne bottle with all the gold foil trimmings! 
  • Case of 12 750ml (25.4oz) Bottles.
  • Features a champagne plastic cork, which can be twisted back on to close, making it perfect to re-bottle with your homade kombucha tea.
  • Certified Organic ~ Pesticide Free

Here's Why You Are Going To Love It

  • Each case of kombucha is hand crafted and made to order (please allow 10 day brew time before shipment... don't worry it's worth the wait!)
  • Makes the BEST GIFT EVER and becomes the topic of conversation when served at a party.
  • Endless choice of flavors... Don't know which one to get?  Select our MIXED CASE and receive a sample of all of our top flavors!
  • The best kombucha tea you never had... till now.  (seriously even people that have tried kombucha and have not liked it in the past call me up and tell me they are now a believer... everyone that has ordered this LOVES it!)
  • Makes s a great mixer for spirits (in Russia they actually ask for a "Vodka Kombucha on the Rocks").


Ingredients: Organic Kombucha Mushroom Culture.  Organic Tea.  Organic Evaporated Sugar Cane. Love.  More Love. Precautions: Glass bottled kombucha tea can get extremely carbonated naturally. Combined with the shaking during shipping, PLEASE USE A LITTLE CAUTION WHEN OPENING! Refridgerate once you receive your tea. *As with all fermented foods, kombucha does in fact contain a trace amount of alcohol ranging from .02% to 1% - about the same amount as fresh squeezed orange juice left out for a day.

If you are someone who can not easily obtain glass bottled organic kombucha tea locally in your markets or if you want to ensure that you will always have a glass bottled kombucha tea on hand, than buying by the case makes sense.

Glass Bottled Organic Kombucha Tea, it doesn't get much better than this. We understand that many kombucha tea drinkers prefer glass bottled kombucha tea.

Because of this, we are proud to now offer you both options. These 12oz glass bottles are great for on the go. It features a twist off cap, which can be twisted back on to close. This is wonderful for those just beginning to introduce kombucha tea into their system. As it is recommended to only have about four to six ounces of kombucha tea at a time (a regiment I used for the first two weeks of drinking kombucha tea, was 4ounces, three times a day, once as soon as I got up, once with my lunch, and once after dinner). Based on this regiment, one glass bottled kombucha tea is measured perfectly to give you a full day's supply of kombucha.

Note: That glass bottled kombucha tea gets extremely carbonated (naturally, not pumped with CO2 like sodas. And combined with the shaking during shipping, PLEASE USE A LITTLE CAUTION WHEN OPENING!

Please note that unlike our other products, this is a made to order item that takes 10 days to ferment before we can ship out.


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Customer Rating: ( 70 product reviews )
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Product Reviews

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  1. Good Stuff

    Posted by Mike

    We have kombucha here in the stores but not this brand so I thought I'd try it out.

    Glad I did! Better than anything else out there.

    Nice job getkombucha.

    Mike P

  2. Be Patient.. it's Worth It!

    Posted by Mary Kate

    At first I was a little put off that I had to wait almost 3 weeks before I got my case (I went for the buy 4 get 2 free deal.. not sure if they still have it).

    But when I realized that they actually custom make each order, and then tasted it.. you can certainly taste the difference and freshness.

    Def worth the wait!

    will order again.. hope they have the buy 4 get 2 free deal again!

  3. Perfect Flavor

    Posted by John S

    I know other people have wrote this but this is really the best kombucha I have ever had.

    I am a home kombucha brewer for over 2 years and I purchased all my supplies from this site.

    Just wish my kombucha can taste as good!... lateyl I have been adding a little bit of this kombucha tea into my CBS as a starter and what do you know.. it tastes like it now!

    Excellent stuff!

  4. Best Original Kombucha Tea

    Posted by Bobby

    I am a bit of a kombucha tea snob.. prob have tasted over 20 different brands of kombucha in the store, and I can confidently say this is the best original kombucha I have ever had.

    I came back to order a case of their mixed flavors in the 12 ounce bottles b/c I am curious if their flavored kombucha is just as good.

  5. Buy 4 Get 2 Free! .. Hell Yes!

    Posted by Mike S

    I was gonna get just one but when I went to order I saw that they had a really good special of buy 4 get 2 free, so I took advantage of it.

    I have been enjoying bottled organic kombucha tea for years so I knew it was gonna be good and thought why not?

    Just a heads up, that the kombucha should be refrigerated so make sure you have room in your fridge for a case of six.. it worked out fine for me b/c I just put the whole case in, and then the top of the box became a new shelf in the fridge.

    Really great taste and good web site.. keep up the good work Dave!

  6. Kom-bocha-liscious!

    Posted by Jessica T

    Holly Cow! (i say that lightly b/c I am a vegan)

    This stuff is my new crack (not like I have had crack but you know what I'm saying)..

    this stuff is so freaking good. I feel great after drinking it AND I have been digesting food much better too.. uh, if it only cleaned my house it would be the perfect thing ever...

    about to order again!

  7. Make flavors!

    Posted by Denise

    5 stars b/c this really is the best kombucha tea I have ever had. My only wish is that they offer it in the other flavors that they offer their other shaped bottles.

    I love their blueberry and their ginger, and have purchased it in the 12 ounce bottles, and just wish that they had it in the 64 ouncer!

    Keep up the great work guys.. and please let me know when you get the flavors in in this size jug!

  8. Makes a great bottling jug when done

    Posted by Ben

    Though I wish the bottle was always filled with their kombucha b/c I am still not as good as them... it does make an excellent kombucha bottle for bottling your own kombucha tea.

    It is heavy duty glass with a nice taper and cap. Plus the amber color protects it from the uv rays!

    Great product!

  9. Soooo yummy!

    Posted by Devon

    I could not believe how good this bottle kombucha tea was. I have been making kombucha on and off for 30 years and this has been the best tasting kombucha I have ever had.

  10. this is amazing!

    Posted by Maria

    Excellent tea.. really good.

  11. Very Good.. shipping a bit slow

    Posted by Charlene t

    still giving this 5 stars even though the shipping was slow b/c you do state on the page before you order that it take some time to make custom.. but just wanted people to know that they really need to order 2-3 weeks ahead of time to have for a party, event, etc.

    Ordering again now so I always have on hand.

  12. something different

    Posted by Billy

    really love this. it is a nice little break in my day to enjoy a bottle of kombucha tea!

    I have not yet brewed my own kombucha yet, so this is a nice way to enjoy the benefits on the go!

  13. Mango Rocks!

    Posted by Joyce H. J

    Just got a full case of Mango! all I can say is thank you!

    will order again real soon.. I want to try other flavors but I love the mango so much so I might have to order 2 cases!

    just have to find room in my fridge :) LOL

  14. get it

    Posted by Mariah

    just get this stuff you won't regret it. even my kids love it!

    thanks Dave

  15. perfects for the holidays... or any other time

    Posted by Racheal

    Just like to say that this is my new favorite thing!

    I originally got it for the holidays, but just placed another order today for no reason other than I love it :)

    you rock Dave!

  16. this rocks

    Posted by Roni N

    love it.. my case came today and I immediately placed them in the fridge to get cold and store.

    It tasted so delicious.

    This is the only kombucha I have seen in this packaging.. but the real star is the taste! wow!

  17. ooo la la!

    Posted by Ryan B

    really really yummy kombucha in really really nice packaging.. match made in heaven!

    thanks Dave.. you rock!

  18. Will buy again

    Posted by Jacke C

    this is one of the nicest things I ever ordered online.

    I use them for special occasions like nice dinners with friends and family. Love the idea of reusing after for my own homemade kombucha tea

  19. Amazing Kombcuha Tea in Fancy Packaging

    Posted by Sally B

    just so everyone knows this is NOT alcoholic kombucha.. yes kombucha does have some small amounts of alcohol found in it, but the Champagne is referring 100% to the packaging.

    So if you were looking to get drunk off of this stuff, you will have to chase it down with a few shots of vodka :)

    The packaging though is beautiful and the same amazing kombucha tea that I got from your half gallon case are also found in here.

  20. makes a great gift

    Posted by Margaret

    what a nice gift to give to someone who is either health conscious, doesn't drink, or just loves kombucha.

    I get a case every couple of months and give a few bottles away to people I love.. ha ha and keep the rest of the bottles for me to enjoy :)

    great stuff.. thanks Dave!

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