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Make Perfect Kombucha Tea Everytime When You Use The Perfect Kombucha Tea Blend

Back in 2005 I was working with an amazing tea company where I began my journey of healing teas and herbs.  I soon began incorporating this experience into my kombucha blends; the only problem was when I went to make another batch of kombucha I would have to go into all of my different tea containers, measure out the portions, and then go ahead and blend every single time.

One day I was motivated enough (due to not wanting to do this each and every time), to create the perfect blend once and for all.  I love and encourage home brewers to experiment with different methods and ingredients. 

Still, when you want the peace of mind that your kombucha will have a full spectrum of tea benefits and taste incredible I highly recommend having a few pouches of our Original Kombucha Tea Blend on hand. - Dave :)

Here's What You Are Going To Get

  • 60 Servings - Quarter Pound of Premium loose tea blend of select whole leaf green and black teas
  • Packaged in 4 oz light resistant, foil lined, heat sealed and resealable stand up pouch
  • Certified Organic - Pesticide Free
  • 2 year shelf life

Here's What It Will Do For You

  • Receive a full spectrum of tea benefits
  • Increase well being.  Packed with anti oxidants, polyphenols, and egcg - Research shows these components help with stress reduction and well being
  • Carefully selected blend to ensure a balanced yeast to bacteria ration in your kombucha
  • Over 6 years of proven results!


Custom Kombucha Tea Blend

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Customer Rating: ( 19 product reviews )
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Product Reviews

  1. I thought I was jolly in England

    Posted by Lyle

    I treated my self to a 1/4 cup of the plain tea leaves before adding the mushroom and with great expectation of the Kombucha I am knocked out with the tea straight up. My time in England and all the time in my life I have been drinking tea (I'm an old dude)this by far is best I have tasted

  2. Happy Brewin' With My Tea Blend

    Posted by Laura

    Great tea blend.. very funny label on it and I like that it is resealable and a stand up pouch.

    Will get the buy 4 get 2 free deal next time!

  3. Best Kombucha Tea Blend Ever

    Posted by Benjamin

    This is my favorite of all my teas to make kombucha tea from.

    As others have written, this tea also makes a greta hot and/or iced tea on its own.

  4. love my booch

    Posted by Jess

    Hi Dave just a little note to thank you for this site and your awesome tea blend.

    I find your style very funnny and informative and can def tell you love helping people.

  5. bit of a mess :)

    Posted by Alice

    For anyone who has never used whole leaf tea before it can be a little messy at first.. make sure you have a strainer, ha ha .. lesson learned I guess!

    So, after cleaning my floor of spilt tea (I did not use a tea strainer for the tea instead I used a pasta strainer basket when I poured the loose tea into my brew jar).. the tea and kombucha was amazing!

  6. lipton who?

    Posted by Cecil

    yes.. you can brew with lipton tea bag, but the way I see it.. if you are going to take the time and effort to make kombucha at home, why on earth would I ruin it with inferior tea.

    once you use premium loose leaf tea you never go back

  7. good blend

    Posted by Kimberly

    I use many different teas to make kombucha (that's what I like about dave, is that he evn encourages you to do so!).. but I really do love this tea as my all time fav.

    it's also nice that it comes in individual packages even if you purchase the buy 4 get 2 free!

  8. Worth the price

    Posted by Floyd

    what's so nice is that once you start making kombucha at home you save so much money that it makes sense to get the best quality tea leaves to brew it, b/c you are still saving so much money AND your tea will be higher quality.

  9. smells so good

    Posted by Amanda

    I just love the smell of this tea.. kind of hard to explain, and it might sound weird but I just love the way this tea smells!

  10. The Best Of Both Worlds

    Posted by Ronald

    This is so nice because I was just reading that there are different benefits on different teas, so it is nice to know that not only am I enjoying kombucha but I am also getting the benefits of all the different teas that are in it!

  11. great tea

    Posted by Anneliese

    this is a great whole leaf tea I like to use it for both kombucha and on its own.

    shipping came fast too!

  12. you can taste the difference

    Posted by Barbara L

    As much as I would prefer already bagged tea, I must say that I have made kombucha with a generic tea bag and from the whole leaf blend and it is undeniable that this blend is better.

    I guess it costs more but it is still way less than buying it at the store.

  13. Dave rocks!

    Posted by Alli

    hey dave, just a note to thank you for this tea blend.. it makes brewing taste soo good.

  14. Kombucha Tea Blend

    Posted by Marcella

    I have used some of your other teas and love all of them but nothing beats this blend. Love the packaging too!

  15. Rocks!

    Posted by Cherry

    thanks dave for including this in my kit.. its now the staple for all my other ingredients.

  16. awesome blend

    Posted by Mary J

    Really love this tea blend! It came with my brewer and have been using it on every batch!

  17. love it, but which it was pre bagged

    Posted by Amanda

    I love the taste of this tea, and I think I got this tea from dave on his old site when they were pre measured in individual tea bags... meaning it was still the whole leaf tea but pre measured...

    kind of the best of both worlds.. this time when I ordered though it did not come pre measured which is ok, but a little less convenient.

  18. such great tea

    Posted by Becky

    this is my all time favorite tea blend!

    Even when I experiment I always add a little bit of this blend to keep as a foundation!

  19. Great site and cultures

    Posted by Dave

    The SCOBY I was working with was weak & the healthy thick SCOBY's I got here can not even compare in quality AND most importantly success!

    The website is the best too!

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