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Get The Most Reviewed Continuous Brew Kombucha System In North America


The GetKombucha Standard Continuous Brew Kombucha Package is the most economical kombucha continuous brew conatainer package available anywhere.  PLEASE NOTE:  This is the only Continuous Brew Kombucha Package that Does Not Include a Kombucha Culture.  It is perfect for those that already have a kombucha culture and now want to take their kombucha brewing to the next level with a kombucha continuous brew system.

Why Continuous Brew Kombucha?

  • SAFER.  The less time your culture is out of your brewer the less chance of mold!
  • EASIER.  Brew More Kombucha Tea in the same amount of time! Make Kombucha the easy way!
  • CLEANER.  No more sticky mess when bottling thanks to the tap!
  • SAVE TIME AND MONEY.  Say goodbye to $5 store bought bottles and hello to perfectly flavored kombucha at home whenever YOU Want It!
  • BETTER.  Now you are in control on how you want your kombucha.  From the sugar, to the flavor, and the fizz... you get to choose it.

Here's What You Are Going To Get

  • Certified Lead Free Porcelain Brewer.  FDA approved ~ 2.5 gallons ~ 1 foot in diameter.
  • Hand Crafted Wood Stand. Raises your brewer an additional foot making the total height 2 feet and enables bottling your kombucha a breeze on any counter top!
  • Dispenser Spigots, Covers, Fastener Bands, PH Strips, Muslin Tea Filters, Brewing Gloves, and More!  We give you everything you need to make brewing a breeze.  We even include double the spigots and covers in both black and white so you can customize your brewer and always have a backup... we got you covered!


  • Lifetime Membership to GetKombucha Community Support Forums and Trainings ($195 Value)
  • Kombucha Continuous Brew Set Up Instant Online Video Access.  Contains Over 51 Easy Step by Step videos!  ($35 Value)



  • Certified Lead Free Porcelain Brewer ~ Hand Crafted Wood Stand. ~   Training Videos and Recipes ~ Lifetime Support!
Customer Rating: ( 577 product reviews )
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Product Reviews

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  1. Patience is rewarded

    Posted by Nancy Perry

    The directions weren't included in the box but I emailed Dave and "presto-changoā€¯- he emailed me the directions immediately. I also thought there was a screw missing for the base but, as it turned out, there was a screw missing in my brain as I tried to put screws in both ends of the middle! After straightening out those issues, everything went along smoothly. Just finished bottling my second batch - it was so easy and the videos are extremely helpful. I used a little more tea (half Yerba Mate, half Assam black tea) but I've always liked my tea strong and it works just fine. A friend suggested just boiling half the water and mixing up the tea and sugar and then adding the other half of the water already at room temperature. This works great - easier to handle and it cools down faster. You can even just cool off the hot stuff in the sink before adding the room temp water. The only improvement I would suggest is having a bigger lip on the top of the brewer so the rubber band would stay on firmly. Now I'm just using the plastic guard that came with the brewer to keep the cloth on top. The rubber band just pops off. I love bottling it directly from the spigot. And my brewer is sitting on my countertop - didn't need to find a special place for it - works right there in the middle of everything.
    Both batches were perfect at the end of 7 days - almost at the bottom of the acid chart - and tasty. This time I've put a little extra sugar in each bottle to build up the fizz - 1st batch didn't get fizzy enough for my taste. It's an art, isn't it? A skill to get the kombucha just right.

  2. My cup overflows with Kombucha

    Posted by Brian Rich

    I have two porcelain brewers side by side on a heating mat. I crank out FOUR gallons a week with almost no effort. Besides looking very professional, the brewers work wonderfully. With ease I make enough K for the whole family. I live in Vermont and the heating pads keep the brewin' happening. Great products! Thanks, Dave. Brian

  3. Great Product

    Posted by Sandra

    Just a heads up.. that this package does not come with a scoby. I know he mentions it, but b/c all the others do, I made the mistake...


  4. the amazing continuous system

    Posted by Nancy

    Thank you!!!!! Finally a system that keeps up with the "kombuchaholics" in our home. I still brew two extra gallons in glass containers, but with he deluxe system there is a never ending flow of k-tea for everyone. I have only had one person not get hooked on the tea. It is much quicker to finish brewing than the glass gallon jugs as well and much easier to bottle the beverage. Keep up the good work....and Id love a video Nancy Szwyd

  5. Continuous Brewing System

    Posted by Mark

    A four bucks a bottle, it does not an engineer to figure out how much money you are going to save not to mention how easy, healthy and delicious homemade kombucha is. With the kids drinking kombucha and asking for it often, we had to go with the continuous brewing.

  6. great if you already have a culture

    Posted by Brenda

    The porcelain dispenser is the only way to brew kombucha for me. It is much more easier than anything else. Thanks dave

  7. Yay for Continuous Brewing!

    Posted by Eva

    I think this method is workable. I love having Kombucha on tap. Its nice if friends come over too. The nozzle does get plugged up every now and then, but then again, its much easier than doing it with the jar method. I feel fantastic when I drink kombucha. It curbs my appetite and I feel great energy. Before I brewed it, I was skeptical about getting the carbonation. But it all worked out just fine. Thanks Dave!

  8. I've saved lots of money

    Posted by Kristin

    I am very happy with my porcelain brewing system. I and my friend have already saved back the money we spent on brewing by ourselves. It is simple and tastier than buying the premade Kombucha at the stores. Plus I like how the brewer is lead an plastic free.

  9. what can i say

    Posted by Derick

    Everything about this brewer is top notch. I have had this brewer for about six months and I cannot imagine life without it. Your instructions were flawless and a pleasure to follow. I am amazed at just how simple kombucha is to make. From my first batch to now, every glass has been rewarding. I like the continuous brewing system because I get a different taste every day. I begin drinking when it is a little sweet. By the time the brew is foot stomping strong, it is time to make a new batch. I always smile in Whole Foods at people loaded down with kombucha bottles. They are paying $5.00 a bottle for something I make for about $1.00 per gallon.

  10. Its the ONLY way

    Posted by Scott Korpela

    I got the Deluxe Dispenser and I am so GLAD I DID!!

    First of all it could not have been easier to do...

    Second I had a friend who did not get the Deluxe Version and now wishes she had...her brewing worked but mine was better...lol!! I have to say if your loving Kombucha this System to brew it yourself is the best out there... its the "KOMBUCHA BREWING FOR DUMMIES" style system... it truly is easy!!

    I love the way it looks... all the great info and tips that you get in the videos... I am just so excited about it and love the tea it produces... am thinking it is going on my xmas list for a few of my dear close friends this year!!

  11. Everything was provided

    Posted by Maria

    I was pretty nervous about brewing my first batch of kombucha and wasn't quite sure how it was done. Using this system, combined with the information in the free 7-day course, I was able to get my first batch underway very easily.

    Everything was provided so I didn't have to run to the store for anything. What remaining questions I had were answered on the kombucha blog.

    Still haven't tasted the first batch, but overall I'm quite pleased with the system.

  12. Its the crock!

    Posted by Marcia

    Well, it took me a bit to get into the flow with the continuous brewing, but I'm sold on it now.

    The deluxe system is high quality and easy to use and I love the wonderful brewing crock! And once you get used to the scoby and its personality (!), the process is very simple. My body loves this stuff.

    Thanks, Dave, you are Kombucha King!!!

  13. wonderful

    Posted by Cathy

    I find this Kombucha tea absolutely wonderful!

    I have suffered from heartburn for many years and was on the purple pill for 8 years. I decided to get off the pills and go natural. Well I have a hiatal hernia so it's not that easy to go cold turkey. Long story short I found real good info on enzymes and food combining.

    While it worked, I had some indigestion break-thru and I was at a Krogers grocery store and came accross a bottle of kombucha tea. I had never heard of it before, but one of the claims on the bottle was to tame heartburn. So I bought it. It worked like a charm, but the price was a little too steep for me.

    When I got home ,I went on line to get some info on the stuff. Well, I'm pleased to say that your website came up first. Needless to say, I bought your continuous brewing system and am a brewing fool! No more heartburn break-thru. Keep up the good work and God Bless you and yours.

    Sincerely, cat

  14. Best of the Best

    Posted by Kathy

    I'm a "newbie" in this KT brewing network and as of today, I have made my KT three times and I'm in love how easy and simple making your own KT is. Used to spend $$$$ before @ the health food stores but not any more :) Looks like I drink it faster than I can bottle it and waiting several days before new KT has a nice tangy bite makes me to think that I need a "twin" :) So that I have one jar of KT to drink and one in "works". Thank you Dave for making this KT brewing at home as easy as a breeze!!!

  15. Good Stuff!

    Posted by Cathy

    It was packaged very well, arrived safe, nothing was broken, and everything was there for me to start brewing. Adequate instructions for setup. The tea blend is delicious. Kombucha is awesome and we love that we can drink it daily.

  16. Absolutely Love It!

    Posted by Brian H

    I can't believe that I put this off for so long..The brewer has already paid for itself, plus I know because I make it myself that it is more healthy for me! Highly recommend this product to anyone who has already been drinking kombucha whether at the store or brewing at home. It's so easy!

  17. so far so good!

    Posted by Charyla

    My box with my brewer and stuff inside just came and I jontly ordered it last Saturday morning. 4 days! That's amazing. Everything was in perfect condition too. I'm not working on getting the spigot just right but there are instructions on how to do that as well.

    I'm still like a deer in the headlights when it comes to some things, but the website is helpful and I'm looking forward to checking out the detailed blog where others have already received answers to their questions.

  18. Amazing

    Posted by Pete

    Ever since I have received this brewer I have been having fun with it, it is a great hobby and I love to see the progression of the scoby every week. It is so easy to bottle with the brewer and the tea I received with it was amazing. And Coming to this site or watching Dave's videos I never felt like I couldn't do what was needed to make kombucha.

    I am enjoying one as I sit here and I am pleased with my decision to buy this product.

    Peace and love to everyone and keep brewing it is a very fun thing , for friend and family.

  19. Healthy and Happy

    Posted by Gina

    I started brewing 10 month ago and have loved the tea and the results. I am healthy and happy-since i am a cancer survivor,this is a big deal. I drink the tea straight and also mix it with water to get my 4 ounces a day. The continuous brewer is great- very easy to work with. I tried brewing the tea years ago without the continuous brewer and had a hard time with baby scobies and big jars of tea around the kitchen. I love it.

  20. Its so easy

    Posted by Natalie

    Received my brewer a couple of weeks ago. I love it. Once you've cleaned it the first time and done your first batch of tea, etc., it's a piece of cake!

    Happy brewing, folks!

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