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Brew Your Kombucha Tea Safer and Faster With This One Step

Ideally kombucha should be brewed around 75 degrees Fahrenheit.  Lower temps are ok, but kombucha brewing really should not dip below 70 degrees because that's where safety concerns come into play

During winter, especially in colder areas, it is recommended to leave the kombucha heating mat on constantly.  During warmer seasons you can try cycling with having the heat on during the night (when temps dip down), and off during the day.  This can be done for you with either a timer or if you want to get fancy pants a thermostat.

Here's What You Are Going To Get

  • Kombucha Heating Mat; 10 inches by 20 inches - fits ANY size brewing container
  • UL safety listed an energy efficient - only 17 Watts!
  • Intricate heating pattern allows for consistent and even heat distribution
  • Instructional video entitled "How to get the most out of your kombucha heating mat to ensure for perfect kombucha tea every single time"

Here's What It Will Do For You

  • Raise the temperature of your kombucha brewing container by 10 to 20 degrees w/ this kombucha heating pad
  • Speed up your kombucha brewing time so that you can make more kombucha
  • Ensure your kombucha is brewing at optimal temperatures for successful brewing

Note: This kombucha heating pad is a seedling mat from our good friends at hydrofarm.  after carefully selecting and testing various heat mats, we have found that the gentle and constant increase in temperature as well as the easy of use and cleaning, makes this the best kombucha heating mat for home brewing in most climates and seasons.

Kombucha Heater Mat

  • This kombucha heating pad, warms your kombucha brewing around 10 degrees higher than current temps!  Great for winter and for producing thick, creamy kombucha mother cultures!
Customer Rating: ( 19 product reviews )
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Product Reviews

  1. I also use it for bottling

    Posted by Joann

    I just saw that Stan wrote that he uses it for the secondary ferment when bottling.. so do I and it is great!

    I have a box that is the same size of the heat mat and just palce the heat mat insude the box laid out flat and I can fit about 12 wine bottles filled with kombucha on top.

    I have made it before using the heat mat and can tell you it is like a whole new kombucha bot in fizz and in taste!

  2. Makes A Great Second Fermentation Heater

    Posted by Stan

    I use this kombucha heat mat when I go to bottle my kombucha tea. I find that the extra heat on the bottled kombucha keeps the yeast active to eat the sugar and create that extra fizz in a shorter period of time.

    Just thought I'd let people know as it is really diverse and can be used for both!

  3. Kombucha Heat Mat

    Posted by Kyle

    I really like this heat mat. I got it a few months after getting my Kombucha Brewing System to help with the colder months, and it has been great.

    Happy Brewin'

  4. pros more than cons

    Posted by Carleen

    PRO - great price, easy to use, easy to clean, raises my brewing temp about 8 degrees

    CON - no thermostat, will not be good if you need to raise your temp past 10 degrees.. at least where I live.

  5. Saves You Money

    Posted by Kim G

    The Kombucha Heating Mat ended up saving me money b/c I stopped raising my heat so high in my room.

    thanks get kombucha!

  6. easy to use

    Posted by Keri

    the kombucha heating mat is very easy to use.

    at first I placed it under my jar but when I really need the heat during the winter months, I WRAP it around and it works wonders!

  7. KHM

    Posted by Dorothy

    the KHM (kombucha heater mat) is a great way to keep your kombucha at optimal temps.

    I also enjoy the video instructions!

  8. not hot enough

    Posted by Sally

    I really wanted to love this heat mat b/c it is such a great price and easy to use.. but unfortunately it was not hot enough for where we live during the winter.

    it does help but wish it was warmer


    Posted by FRANCISCO

    i love this heat mat as much as I love this site!

  10. recoomend for cold rooms

    Posted by Trudy

    I got this for my room that I brew Kombucha in that is slightly colder than my other rooms.. and it makes the temp to be about 72.

  11. love my kombucha heat pad

    Posted by Eric

    this is a great heat pad for the price

  12. great heat source

    Posted by Stephen

    i really like this heat mat... makes my hands nice and warm when i touch it too!

  13. gets me brewin during the winter

    Posted by Hillary

    I got this heat mat for free with my Deluxe Brewing Package and love it. Very easy to use and clean.

  14. Wasn't sure if I needed it, glad I got it

    Posted by Jess

    Decided to purchase this when I got my culture so I had everything at once.

    Like that the heat is even and does not get too hot, like it will burn my hand or something.

    on my 5th batch and so far its been great.

  15. Best Price For A Kombucha Heating Pad

    Posted by Salvador

    I have tried everything you can think of (one time I put the kombucha brewer in the oven to keep in warmer... BIG MISTAKE, as t needs to breath too).

    Anyway this is by far the best bang for your buck.

    Speeds up my brewing time without making the temp too high.

    thanks Dave

  16. no turn off, but great

    Posted by Danielle

    I would have loved for this to come with a turn off switch instead the only way to turn it off is to unplug it.. which si fine, except my plug is behind the counter so it is a bit of a pain to do it.

    The good new is that I don't do it that much b/c my brewer loves the extra heat during the colder months and the thing works great!

  17. great heat mat

    Posted by Margaret

    I got this included with my super deluxe brewer but thought I'd write a quick review.

    it is really important to make sure your kombucha does not go below 65 degrees (according to Dave's, plus many other sites, PLUS my own personal experience of brewing before I got the brewing system and did not have a heat mat).. I LOVE this heat mat... so easy to clean and fits perfectly around the brewer.

  18. Kombucha Stays A Brewin' Druing The Winter

    Posted by Danny M

    I purchased a heat mat form Dave and getkombucha back in 2007, and have been using it every year when the temps change.

    Never had a problem with it, and it is very easy to clean.. just use a damp paper towel and you are good to go.

    Recommended for people in colder climates

  19. Excellent Heat Mat!

    Posted by Unknown

    I have been using this for over two years now and it definitely helps, especially with the colder months.

    Thanks Dave

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