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Get The Most Reviewed Kombucha Mushroom Culture In North America And Make Kombucha Tea At Home For FREE!


Before you buy a mushroom for kombucha there is something you should know.  Not all Kombucha Mushrooms are created equal.  The GetKombucha Kombucha Mother Mushroom is the most popular kombucha Mushroom culture available anywhere.  It is perfect for kombucha brewing newbies who have enjoyed drinking kombucha mushroom tea at the store and are now ready to make their own kombucha tea using the kombucha mother recipe.

First off, before you buy a kombucha scoby you might be wondering what it is, as kombucha is also referred to as a Kombucha Mushroom, Kombucha Mother, and a Kombucha Culture.  The kombucha scoby is an acronym that stands for a Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeasts. -Dave


   #1 Kombucha Site in Sales, Support, and Reviews

We HATE bold claims that can not be backed up.  So here is us walking the walk. 

  • Since 2006 we have shipped over 5,000 kombucha mother mushrooms all over North America.  More than any other kombucha brew site online. 
  • Over 25,000 home brewers have subscribed to our kombucha brewing and recipe newsletter.  
  • We have over 2,300 combined product and kombucha course reviews (this is a new site and we are currently working on moving the reviews over to this page).


Why Buy A Kombucha SCOBY From GetKombucha?

  • SAFE.  Your kombucha mother culture will be FRESH, packaged in Free Kombucha Starter Tea.. NEVER Dehydrated!
  • EASY.  We include free video and article acces to our kombucha culture recipe and have 24/7 support to all of your kombucha mushroom tea recipe questions!
  • SAVE TIME AND MONEY.  Say goodbye to $5 store bought kombucha  bottles and hello to perfectly flavored kombucha at home whenever YOU Want It!  This is going to be the BEST investment you are going to make!
  • BETTER.  Now you are in control on how you want your kombucha.  From the sugar, to the flavor, and the fizz... you get to choose it.

Here's What You Are Going To Get

  • ONE Fully Grown Organic Kombucha Mushroom Culture - 6 inches in diameter! Our kombucha mushroom cultures are kombucha mothers which mean they are ready to make kombucha mushroom tea the very first time.  
  • Kombucha Mushroom Tea Starter.  Each kombucha mushroom culture comes packaged in its own kombucha starter tea to ensure your kombucha mushroom is full of life when you receive it AND to add to your first batch of kombucha to ensure success!


  • Lifetime Membership to GetKombucha Community Support Forums and Trainings ($195 Value)
  • 17 Kombucha Mushroom Recipes Instructional Online Videos.  Instant Online Access. ($20 Value)
  • Kombucha Bottling and Flavoring Guide.  ($10 Value)


Premium Kombucha Mushroom with Kombucha Starter Tea

  • ONE Fully Grown Organic Kombucha Mushroom Mother Culture - 6 inches in diameter! ~  Individually packaged in its own organic kombucha starter tea!
  • Also included with your order is access to our online Kombucha Recipe Guide and Videos! Buy Kombucha Scoby Forum included too!
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