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Make Free Kombucha Tea

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Making kombucha tea at home is pretty easy and way less money than buying it at the store. I started making kombucha tea at home back in 2005 about 3 months after I began drinking kombucha. And I was amazed by how simple it was!

Keep in mind I can’t make pancakes without burning them so when I found out how easy it is to make kombucha I was so pumped that I began sharing it with my friends, both the tea and the info.

It is what fueled me to dedicate a big portion of my time over the last 6 years in helping others make kombucha tea at home. Please keep in mind I LOVE me some store bought kombucha at whole foods, or other places and think the high prices could be justifiable for convenience (I mean you can make a cup of coffee at home for pennies too, yet there are many that have no problem dropping $5 on a caramel mocha frappa dappa ding dong at starbucks… that may or may not be the right name).

At the same time. Don’t get me wrong… I DO Love that I now save hundreds of dollars by making my own kombucha tea at home, and still another advantage is the ability to customize my kombucha to both taste, sugar content, and nutritional value.

In this course you are going to learn how to properly prepare your kombucha to the flavor you like. In lesson 4 we you are going to learn how to control the amount of sugar in your kombucha so that you can reduce the amount without compromising the quality of your kombcuha mushroom culture.

You’re also going to learn that calling it a Kombucha Mushroom Culture might not be the best way to describe your kombucha!

YES. There are several benefits when you make free kombucha tea at home but I’d like to discuss a benefit that more people who make kombucha tea never really bring up directly yet if you ask them they will jump up and down and just light up with enthusiasm, and that is… EMPOWERMENT!

When you make kombucha tea at home you are not just saving money but you get this sense of accomplishment. For me, it was like I was doing something that I once thought was impossible to do on your own, and yet here I am doing it.

Have you ever thought you couldn’t do something, and then you did? How did that make you feel? Pretty awesome, right? Well for me (and the over 25,000 others who have signed up for this kombucha course!), brewing kombucha tea gave me that same feeling.

I know it sounds cheesy (or for those lactose intolerant, Rice Milky), but the fact that I can now make kombucha for free at home inspired me in so many other aspects of my life.

I began eating healthier, doing yoga, I was motivated to help others in other areas, and heck it motivated me (a pretty lazy dude) to build an entire site dedicated to kombucha and renegade health.

In the beginning people thought I was crazy. They would come to my place and see this jar filled with funky tea sitting on my kitchen counter… of course these are the same people who are now brewing kombucha for free at home (it’s amazing what a few years will do).

My wish for you is that you at least give kombucha a try and see if it’s right for you. If you are at least half as excited from making kombucha tea as I am I know it will bring much health, happiness, and inspiration into your world as it has mine.

Happy Brewin’,

Dave :)