Does Kombucha Stain Teeth?

As much as kombucha is known for it’s benefits… there are some side effects.

We spoke about some of them in other videos, but enough people were asking me about this specific question, so I thought to do a quick video to answer… and more importantly, provide the solution to the potential problem!

Will kombucha stain my teeth?

Well, kombucha is made with tea from camaillia senensis, which means it contains tannins.

Tannins are found in things like tea, like coffee, chocolate and yes.  If you consume them over a long period of time, they will stain your teeth.

When you take this and the fact that kombucha also has a low ph level you can have a potential problem.

You see a low ph means that kombucha is acidic externally, which can also effect your teeth.

Remember, we need to keep in mind that a low ph of kombucha makes it acidic only externally, as once it is digested it alkalizes the body as it attaches to minerals… lemon juice and apple cider vinegar have similar effects.

Also, it is thanks to this low ph that kombucha is safe to brew at room temp (all that acetic acid READ ENTIRE POST

Kombucha Benefits – List of Top 10 Kombucha Health Benefits

Before we delve into the top 10 Kombucha Benefits first a word from out sponsor the FDA… Shout out to the FDA and Lawyers: Information about the Health Benefits of Kombucha is for educational purposes only. These kombucha health benefits statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. It is not medical advice, nor is it intended to replace the advice or attention of heath-care professionals. Whew…

New Video… What Are The Health Benefits of Organic Raw Kombucha?


Quick, SMILE. Great, now you are fully prepared to learn about the benefits of drinking (and other uses – more on that later) K-Tea.

OK – So what exactly are the health benefits of kombucha? I’m sure many of you were brought to GetKombucha to learn more about kombucha benefits because you heard about all the amazing health benefits. Whether it was your friend who lost some weight, stories printed on commercial bottles claiming that it helped with cancer treatment, or recently the attention kombucha is getting in the media as a natural source of energy.

Kombucha Benefits Cancer Treatment

Just a note, lot’s of peeps have been talking about kombucha and how it can help with cancer.  READ ENTIRE POST

Bottling Kombucha Tea In Mason Jars

Question of the week:   Bottling Kombucha Tea In Mason Jars.  In this video we are going to answer a question, can I bottle my Kombucha tea in a mason jar?

Yes, that’s right.  Here at I not only talk about basic brewing recipes but I love this stuff so much (ahem and talking and making kombucha so much), that we are actually dedicating a post and video to talk about bottling kombucha tea in mason jars.

Can you Bottle Kombucha Tea In Mason Jars?

Sure, but is it the best container to use for bottling?

I don’t think so and here’s why.

First before I start bashing bottling in those jars, let me say I think those jars are freaking awesome!   They’re just cool.   They make you want to consume something and they’re thick glass and they’re just, I don’t know, there’s just something about mason jars that make me feel like I should grow a beard and just hang out in the woods, so I use mason jars for other things.

I use these bottling jars, not the lid, but I use the mason jar itself to serve Kombucha tea in, right and there’s a difference, so READ ENTIRE POST

Kombucha Mushroom Benefits & Where Can I Buy a SCOBY Mushroom?

Kombucha Mushroom Tea RecipeKombucha Mushroom Benefits Baby!!

So is Kombucha a Mushroom or Culture, or Scoby Mushroom? Which is which? Guess What?

They are both the same awesome amazing thing that brews kombucha tea!

Depending on my mood I will refer to them as either Kombucha Mushroom, Kombucha Culture or a Kombucha SCOBY.

Huh? Wait, I was with you until you said SCOBY.. (is that some sort of Scooby Doo character?)

No. (well it might be I have not seen Scooby Doo in a really long time). SCOBY stands for Symbiotic Colony of Yeast and Bacteria, and it is the m ore technical name over Kombucha Mushroom.

In fact, a Kombucha Mushroom, are not mushrooms at all.

Many people believe that it got the name Kombucha Mushroom because of two things:

1. The thing is it does kind of look like a mushroom cap.

2. Kombu translates to “Mushroom” and Cha translates to “tea” in China (side note, Chai which sounds very similar to Cha means “tea” in India, hence Masala Chai or “Spiced Tea).

This Just In.. Breaking Kombucha Mushroom News…

In cupboards and closets across the world, Kombucha mushrooms are floating in READ ENTIRE POST

Health Benefits of Black Tea: Fermented, Unsweetened & Beyond!

benefits of black teaYes boys and girls, it’s that time again!  Another installment of our kombucha diversiTEA series.  This one talks about the what many consider to be the grand daddy of all of the teas.  I’m talking about Black Tea.  This post will discuss the origins and history of black tea as well as the health benefits of black tea.

This should wet your appetite and then we will have another post on the applications of black tea and kombucha for another healthy session.  sound good? (or should I say, taste good?).

what is black tea

My girl Cathy Wong writes:

Black tea is made from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. The leaves are dried and fermented, which gives the tea a darker color and richer flavor than green tea (which does not undergo the fermentation process).

ok, so there is that word fermentation again.  the last post already went over the difference between fermented tea in terms of loose leaf teas and fermented teas when we talk about kombucha. chimes in with a great history of black tea:

The origin of tea brewing originated many thousands of years ago. The simple act of putting leaves into hot water


Green Tea Benefits

green tea benefitsToday we are going to be discussing the benefits of using green tea as part of your kombucha brewing process.  Green tea benefits are tremendous and there is a ton of research (we will get to that in a minute, as some of the studies are a bit controversial).

As you already might know, we are doing a full spectrum tea benefit series all week long entitled kombucha diversiTEA, as there are so many different types of teas you can use for making kombucha.

benefit of green tea on it’s own

Yes.  Once upon a time, good ole uncle dave (that’s what I’m calling myself since it not only sounds cool.. as of 3.4 years ago it became true! that’s my sis and her awesome daughter Juniper Lindenbaum).

So where was I… ah, that’s right, you see before becoming a kombuchaholic, I was a huge tea fan in the traditional sense and drank green tea by the gallon!  Being the operations director of an awesome tea company before starting I also benefited with this :)

Let’s start there.  Before we jump into the kombucha green tea benefit, let’s talk about straight up green tea benefits.

Ciara Conlon writes READ ENTIRE POST

Oolong Tea Benefits

oolong loose tea

Today I would like to begin a new series called Kombucha Benefits DiversiTEA – because you can make as many different varieties of kombucha as there are different varieties and health benefits of teas… and beyond.

I say beyond b/c kombucha can be much more than fermented camellias sinensis, but for this series we will keep it in the tea family.  So this is part 1 of the series focused on oolong tea benefits.

What is Oolong Tea Benefits

Before we can get into the benefits of oolong, let’s first talk about what oolong tea is…

Oolong tea is a product made from the leaves, buds, and stems of the Camellia sinensis plant. This is the same plant that is also used to make black tea and green tea. The difference is in the processing. Oolong tea is partially fermented, black tea is fully fermented, and green tea is unfermented.

Something to keep in mind when we talk about fermented…

  • When speaking about loose tea like oolong, the word fermented really means oxidized.  Like when you bite into a juicy apple and then the phone rings and it’s you best friend from high school who you have not spoke to

Easy Coconut Kefir Recipe To Get US Started!

coconut milk kefir

Before we get into the coconut kefir recipe let’s back up and see how this post came to be.  One of the biggest questions I get from readers of the blog “is what is kefir and how can I make it?”.

Truth be told I have never made it.

Reader:  “What?!!  Dave, how could you say that?   I thought you were the fermentation kombucha recipe king!!”

Dave: “Well, actually I’m a regular dude just like you (uh, unless you are one of our female readers, then I am a regular gal, just like you… if that isn’t weird?”

You see, as much as I love kombucha I have been a bit of an elitist in the world of other fermented foods.  Kombucha has been a wonderful action starter for other things like growing my own wheat grass, to trampoline jumping; I have not been to open with MAKING other probiotics.

I thought this post would not just encourage you, the reader, but also me, the writer, to take action and give it a go.

What is kefir and what are the benefits

According to Dr. Perricone

“Kefir (kee-fer) is a fermented, probiotic milk drink from the Caucasus Mountains in the READ ENTIRE POST

How To Ferment Vegetables

Many people who have been drinking kombucha tea already know the power of fermented foods.  I personally enjoy kombucha as my main source of probiotics for several reasons.

  • It tastes great
  • Easy to do
  • Easy to consume

I think that last part is the strongest reason for it being my top choice, since consuming liquids tend to be easier.  For example, in the real world if I am gonna work and eat… or even worse (and more real) drive and eat; it is much easier to drink and drive than it is to eat and drive.

Yes, in a perfect world we should be sitting quietly with 100% focus and attention to our food/liquid.  However, as I am typing this blog post I am enjoying some nice water.

Ok, so now that I said my peace for the benefits of kombucha to be your probiotic of choice.  Let’s make a case for the other ways to get your probiotics through vegatables.

As Dr Oz explains, fermented food can help with weghtloss

“Why it’s a superfood: Directly translated from German as “sour cabbage,” this traditional fermented food delivers gut-friendly flora that boost digestion and can reduce belly inflammation. Sauerkraut’s signature sour READ ENTIRE POST

Kombucha Starter Kit Recipe Tip

Quick Recipe Tips For Your Kombucha Starter Kit


So here is a Kombucha recipe starter kit tip, if you happen to purchase a Kombucha starter kit online, either from our company or from somebody else, or if you happen to get a culture from a friend or something.

Get Organized

When you begin to brew I would lay out all the material that you need, this will do two things, you get organized.

I know whenever I set up an Ikea furniture project, laying everything out is good whether you’re reading the directions on paper or online.

Get The Temperature Right

Lying the kombucha materials out will also buy you some time to make sure that your culture is at room temperature and what I mean by this is that cultures when they’re shipped go through different temperatures right, outside temperature during the summertime might be a little warm, temperatures during the winter time is going to be very, very cold. Also if you get a frozen culture in the mail, which can happen, it’s all good.

The only thing you want to be mindful of is just as you want to make sure your nutrient solution, your READ ENTIRE POST