Kombucha Benefits – List of Top 10 Kombucha Health Benefits

Before we delve into the top 10 Kombucha Benefits first a word from out sponsor the FDA… Shout out to the FDA and Lawyers: Information about the Health Benefits of Kombucha is for educational purposes only. These kombucha health benefits statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. It is not medical advice, nor is it intended to replace the advice or attention of heath-care professionals. Whew…

New Video… What Are The Health Benefits of Organic Raw Kombucha?

Quick, SMILE. Great, now you are fully prepared to learn about the benefits of drinking (and other uses – more on that later) K-Tea.

OK – So what exactly are the health benefits of kombucha? I’m sure many of you were brought to GetKombucha to learn more about kombucha benefits because you heard about all the amazing health benefits. Whether it was your friend who lost some weight, stories printed on commercial bottles claiming that it helped with cancer treatment, or recently the attention kombucha is getting in the media as a natural source of energy.

Kombucha Benefits Cancer Treatment

Just a note, lot’s of peeps have been talking about kombucha and how it can help with cancer. Though gt dave has never said that it cured, or even treated, his mother’s cancer; but he does say it helped her during chemotherapy of the cancer cells. You can read her more here. Both Dave and his mother have been a huge inspiration for me in my quest!

Kombucha Drink Benefits Hype?

However, for every ten drinkers reporting how amazing this stuff is, there are one or two that say there is no scientific evidence and that it’s Bologna.

As a kombucha company, it would be great to claim 101 health benefits of kombucha mushroom without any research. However ethically we didn’t think that was appropriate, plus so many other places are just putting up everything and the kitchen sink when it comes to the benefits of organic kombucha.

kombucha benefits in a cup


We thought we’d do something special here. Below you will find 3 sections that are all dedicated to sharing my kombucha health benefits list in the most transparent way possible.

Section 1 – My kombucha personal benefits.

The first is my personal experience with the benefits of drinking kombucha. It discusses how I first discovered it, my initial experiences with kombucha, and any associated benefits I continue to have by brewing and drinking kombucha.
I feel very comfortable speaking about this because it is my personal experience and personal opinion, so I know it is true for me.

Section 2 – Top ten real raw organic kombucha benefits list.

The second is a survey on our customers and their observations with kombucha. Once we began providing kombucha cultures and brewers, within weeks we received unsolicited testimonies. That encouraged us to send out a survey to document other personal experiences.

We feel it is doing a service to other kombucha drinkers or for those who are about to begin drinking kombucha to discover what other drinkers are reporting as benefits. This does not mean that you will have the same or different results, but it is a wonderful way to gauge the reported effects of this drink.

Before, the alternative was just unscientific claims (by some people who don’t even drink kombucha!).

Section 3 – How does kombucha benefit the body?

The final third section will discuss the general opinion of how kombucha is able to benefit so many different ailments. And why different drinkers enjoy different affects.


My Personal Story

A long time ago, I discovered the wonder of Kombucha while enjoying some lunch with a wonderful friend in a vegan restaurant and I was hooked. The taste was nothing I had ever experienced before. As soon as I drank it, I felt it go down into my stomach (kind of like drinking iced cold water on an empty stomach on a hot summer’s day).

My friend was explaining to me that it was a mushroom drink (which we know from class one that it’s not), and all the associated benefits. I thought it was all mumbo jumbo, but I didn’t care this stuff tasted AMAZING! plus it had about 1/5 the calories of soda but it still had that fizzy carbonation of a soda.

The meal was done and about an hour passed by and that’s when I realized it. I didn’t have any acid reflux! This was nuts considering I have been on acid reflux medicine for years (Prilosec, Protonic, Acifex, you name I’ve taken it and paid up to $166 bucks a month for it).

Not only that, I also realized that I went to the bathroom about ten minutes after the meal. I also didn’t have that “Just eaten let me sleep now like it’s Thanksgiving” feeling.

In a word, I felt CLEAN. That’s the only way I can describe it. I thought it was a fluke, so I bought a few more bottles over the next couple of days, and every time (with exception to the 2 apple pies I got at a famous fast food restaurant, nothing can save you from that), I felt CLEAN.

However, I was a little turned off by the price of Kombucha at our local markets (some places charged up to 5 Bucks a Bottle!) and decided to enter the wonderful world of brewing my own Kombucha with a Kombucha Culture. After brewing hundreds of batches, do you know what I discovered? Well do you? I am a computer typed message, so I can wait if you are still in thought.

I discovered that brewing Kombucha IS EASY and FUN. That’s right, if you can bake a cake, you can brew Kombucha. And not even a made from scratch, grandma cake. I’m talking about the pour and mix variety. I also began sharing the drink with my friends and family.

Soon, friends all around were stopping by just to say hi as an excuse to get a glass of my drink to get the same kombucha health benefits. Well as the saying goes:

Give a man a fish, he will eat for a day; teach him how to fish, he will eat everyday, and the rest is history.

We’ll teach you how to fish in the next class.

So for me, the reason I drink kombucha (and I guess you can call these my kombucha benefits) is as follows:

  • Kombucha Tastes Amazing. With 1/5th the calories and sugar of soda why wouldn’t you?
  • Kombucha Cured My Acid Reflux. I have not bought any acid reflux pharmaceuticals in over 5 years!
  • Kombucha Makes Me Feel Really Really Good. In a word kombucha makes me feel clean. I digest my food better, it gives me a little boost both in my mind and body, it helps me poop and pee (yep I said it.), and it really comes in handy after a heavy night of eating and drinking.

Top 10 Kombucha Benefits

Everyone wants to know… what are some benefits of drinking Kombucha. I know for myself it was pretty apparent that it was helping my digestion and acid reflux, but the interesting thing was that several other Kombucha drinkers were experiencing different Kombucha health benefits from one another.

There was a trend, but I wanted to know exactly what these were and what were the most common benefits amongst REAL kombucha drinkers. For me it is more important talking to other drinkers than just relying on what a dude in a lab coat analyzed from a petri dish (not knocking labs or lab coats for that matter as science is really
cool to back up your hunches and lab coats are damn sexy if accessorized correctly.. what?).

Well, rather then wait till a big drug company in the US was ready to fork over millions of bucks to research this stuff (ahem, by now you guys know that you can make kombucha at home for like pennies a serving so don’t think the drug companies will be having too much interest in funding a study on kombucha health benefits for a looooooong time), I decided to simply ask our customers and readers of our Kombucha newsletter.

The original survey was back in 2006 (5 years ago!), we have since updated the survey for 2011 and we continue to ask and survey our subscribers!! Together we are compiling the biggest REAL experiences on the internet.

We will be doing another round of surveys soon, so be sure to sign up for our newsletter to be included.

NOTE: Some people may experience some, all, or none of these and some kombucha drinkers have reported some slight kombucha side effects. Stay tuned for a kombucha video discussing both the Kombucha Health Benefits and Kombucha Side Effects and what you can do if you do happen to experience a kombucha side effect… here’s a hint; drink MORE WATER… I’ve done the research!

Also, sorry guys, the list got a little hard to maintain in terms of percentages as time went on so they are not in any particular order, however all have been reported in high enough numbers to be substantial… I am going to look into using a simple Face Book survey on our Facebooke Page so that it will keep count of everything… be sure to join our facebook page to get access to the always updating Kombucha Benefits Information!)

[editorial note] Reported by GetKombucha’s 9,300+ Kombucha Subscribers in Bold. I then add my two cents and a dime to why this might happen… again this is my insight of my research and personally drinking, making, and teaching kombucha for over 5 years. [dave]

#1 – Kombucha Improves Your Digestion.

Kombucha is a probiotic which contributes to healthy digestive flora in your gut that can help break down foods and absorb the good stuff, while evacuating the bad stuff easier. Kombucha also is a alkalize forming food when ingested. Kombucha also contains sever beneficial organic acids that have been attributed to better digestion.

(side note, if you want a double does of digestion… trying making chai kombucha! With chai kombucha benefits from both the gentle digestive herbs like carodmom and ginger, but with an upgraded delivery method thanks to kombucha!)

Here is a great source regarding probiotics from http://www.webmd.com/digestive-disorders/tc/probiotics-topic-overview

Probiotics are bacteria that help maintain the natural balance of organisms (microflora) in the intestines camera. The normal human digestive tract contains about 400 types of probiotic bacteria that reduce the growth of harmful bacteria and promote a healthy digestive system. The largest group of probiotic bacteria in the intestine is lactic acid bacteria, of whichLactobacillus acidophilus, found in yogurt with live cultures, is the best known. Yeast is also a probiotic substance. Probiotics are also available as dietarysupplements.

#2 – Kombucha Helps You Lose Weight.

Going one step further with the digestive benefits of kombucha, the better we can digest our food (both absorb and evacuate), the better chance we have at losing excess weight. This weight loss is usually experienced only for people that are over weight. In fact we have seen the opposite in people that are under weight, as kombucha will also help these people absorb their food easier.

A final thought though on the real reason why so many drinkers have reported weight loss, is that these drinkers are replacing their sugary sodas, coffees, and other soft drinks with delicious, organic Kombucha and water. That alone will show a huge success in weight loss.

Weight Loss

iframe src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/2QqNMuAaKfA?rel=0″ height=”315″ width=”560″ frameborder=”0″>

#3 – Kombucha Reduces Your Stress Levels.

Kombucha is usually made with tea, which contains the component theanine. Theanine promotes alpha wave (the in the zone waves) production in the brain as well as increases serotonin levels. Many other kombucha drinkers also mention that if you drink a little kombucha at night you will sleep better.

For me I have not experienced this on a consistent basis (sigh). Now, you could take a theanine supplement or simply drink tea (the green kinds usually have the highest amount of theanine), but as I have discussed before, kombucha will “super charge” any individual component due to its synergistic delivery system.

#4 – Kombucha Gives You More Energy.

As mentioned above, kombucha is usually made with tea which means

Kombucha Energy Like A Kid

Just drank a kombucha

that in addition to the happy relaxed effects of theanine, it also contains the happy “in the zone” effects of caffeine. Typically the drink has about a third the amount of caffeine that is found in coffee, and through the fermentation process the amount of caffeine decreases even more, however I would imagine that the caffeine does contribute to the reported energy.

However there are several other things going on. Kombucha also has a natural supply of Vitamin B6 as well as other B Vitamins. Kombucha also cleanses and detoxes the liver, so another explanation could be that it is not “giving” you energy, but rather “restoring” your body to its natural state, which is an abundant energetic body.

Finally, the small amount of sugar that is found in kombucha is already broken down (sucrose gets broken down into glucose and fructose during the fermentation process).

When consumed after exercise or high stress levels, it will act like a Gatorade on steroids… uh, except that it is all natural and the vital minerals that kombucha also provides (we tend to sweat these out), are from natural sources like tea, etc instead of synthetics.

#5 – Kombucha Increases Your Immune System.

So, hopefully by now you are beginning to see a synergy going on. Let’s put it all together b/c words like Immune System and Detox have been over used in my opinion to just say to cover all bases, but if you are digesting your food better, cleaning out your liver, reducing the amount of sugar intake due to drinking kombucha tea over soda, juice, etc, lowering your stress levels and getting micro nutrients delivered in a super charged way — obviously you are going to be and feel healthier.

Harvard has recently done some studies on this topic and weigh in with probiotic and building an immune system:

There are hundreds of different species of bacteria in your digestive tract, which do a bang-up job helping you digest your food. Now researchers, including some at Harvard Medical School, are finding evidence of a relationship between such “good” bacteria and the immune system.

For instance, it is now known that certain bacteria in the gut influence the development of aspects of the immune system, such as correcting deficiencies and increasing the numbers of certain T cells.

Probiotics are good bacteria, such as Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium, that can safely dwell in your digestive tract. You’ll now find probiotics listed on the labels of dairy products, drinks, cereals, energy bars, and other foods. Ingredients touted as “prebiotics,” which claim to be nutrients that feed the good bacteria, are also cropping up in commercially marketed foods.

Another interesting observation is that I tend to get sick less during cold and flu season… now to be fair I live in California so it usually isn’t so cold here, but I am curious to see what the direct effect is of kombucha’s probiotics on people who have been taking antibiotics their whole life (perhaps we will be doing another survey soon!).


Video on Organic Raw Kombucha Benefits and Side Effects




#6Kombucha Relives Constipation.

Digestion = Poop Easier; Acetic Acids = Pee Easier. BUT – the missing ingredient in both equations is…. (drum roll, or hand drum, please)… W-A-T-E-R. In fact water will help all of these reported benefits.

A good rule of thumb is drink equal amounts of water for kombucha. This is in addition to the recommended 8 glasses a day (which by the way is only a general recommendation and would vary greatly based on individual, and of course their diet and lifestyle… more on that on another post).

So if you have 16oz of kombucha a day… a rule would be have an additional 16oz of h20 a day. And the best time to do it is right after you drink the kombucha.

#7 – Kombucha Cures Your Hangovers.

I wish I could say this benefit is something I experience every time I drink… ha ha for me though, drinking less is still the best cure for a hangover :) — BUT, if you can follow the kombucha protocol of drinking equal parts kombucha and h20, kombucha should help… that and a good immune system.

The reason why is plenty: kombucha cleanses the liver, it also has glucose and electrolytes which help blood sugar levels for as well as hydration… when drank with h20! In other articles we will show you how to infuse kombucha with your favorite spirit. Hey, if you’re gonna drink you mine as well add some stuff to you beverage that makes it taste better and is better for you… can you say Kombucharita?

#8 – Kombucha Cleanses Your Liver.

Kombucha contains gluconic acid which continues to break down to caprylic acid a potent anti-fungal and can immensely help those suffering from Candidiasis (fancy name for candida). Gluconic acid also works in the liver, possibly as part of a detoxification pathway and why it is believed Kombucha can help the body detoxify from heavy metals and toxins.

I have also found that when taken with milk thistle and other already known and more common liver cleansing herbs it will assist the liver even more. And I know I sound like a broken records (or tape cassette), but all this must be accompanied with WATER!

#9 – Kombucha Makes Your Skin Look Younger and Heals Eczema.

When we surveyed we did not have this as a question, but my guess would be it is two fold, both ingesting kombucha and applying the drink (and/or culture), externally to the skin. When applied to the skin it will act as an astringent cleansing out and balancing oily skin.

If you do decided to use the culture, set it a aside as your designated external culture and do not use it for making k-tea that will be ingested. Drinking kombucha will benefit the skin, in my opinion, from the liver cleansing effects.

And Kombucha Benefit #10 – Kombucha Strengthens and Restores The Color Of Your Hair.

Though there were some peps that claimed kombucha grew back their hair, the majority of peeps that have noticed Kombucha hair benefits was that kombucha restored their hair color and strengthened their hair.

Again, this is from both internal and external use. I created an instructional kombucha hair recipe video on how to make a kombucha hair rinse.. to this day it works better than any fancy shmancy over priced salon product.

Kombucha Benefits Explained

“The wide variety of complaints relieved by Kombucha is almost not
comprehensible. But it is explainable on the basis that Kombucha
does not target a specific body organ but, rather, influences the
entire organism positively by effecting a stabilization of the
metabolic situation and the detoxifying effect of its glucuronic
acid. In many, this leads to a heightened endogenic defense
capacity against those toxic influences and environmental stresses
which inundate us from many sides. The result is the invigoration
of a damaged cellular metabolism, and the restoration and firming
up of one’s well-being.” -Gunther W Frank (leading authority on
kombucha tea, author of “Kombucha: Healthy beverage and natural
remedy from the Far East”)

In other words, drinking kombucha lets your body heal itself. In my opinion this is the best general answer, however I would like to add the following. Kombucha, though acidic by itself, is alkalizing to the body when ingested. PH balance is extremely important, and more so than ever when you consider that coffee, caffeine, sugar, and all refined grain products (bread, crackers, cakes, etc), are all Acidic.

I also have read the benefits of Apple Cider vinegar in healing with numerous ailments, one of which being Acid reflux. Kombucha has many vinegar properties (though it is NOT apple cider vinegar, if over fermented, it resembles it).
If that is true GREAT, I most certainly would enjoy drinking an iced cold kombucha beverage over apple cider vinegar!

There are some other benefits with Kombucha (specific hangover applications, advanced weight loss, curing athletes foot, etc), but you guys are

Kombucha Health Benefits May Help With Hangovers

Not even a kombucha will help this guy

probably Kombucha’d Out today, so we’ll save it for an Advanced Class.
Great Work Guys! Till next time…

Happy Brewin’
Dave :)

NOTE: Some peeps may experience some, all, or none of these benefits… and some kombucha beverage drinkers have reported some slight kombucha side effects.

Stay tuned for a kombucha video discussing both the Kombucha Health Benefits and Kombucha Side Effects and what you can do if you do happen to experience a side effect… here’s a hint; drink MORE WATER!

Also, sorry guys, the list got a little hard to maintain in terms of percentages as time went on so they are not in any particular order, however all have been reported in high enough numbers to be substantial… I am going to look into using a simple Face Book survey on our facebook Kombucha Page so that it will keep count of everything… be sure to join our page to get access to the Kombucha Benefits Info!)


Bottling Kombucha Tea In Mason Jars

Question of the week: Bottling Kombucha Tea In Mason Jars. In this video we are going to answer a question, can I bottle my Kombucha tea in a mason jar?

Yes, that’s right. Here at getkombucha.com I not only talk about basic brewing recipes but I love this stuff so much (ahem and talking and making kombucha so much), that we are actually dedicating a post and video to talk about bottling kombucha tea in mason jars.

Can you Bottle Kombucha Tea In Mason Jars?

Sure, but is it the best container to use for bottling?

I don’t think so and here’s why.

First before I start bashing bottling in those jars, let me say I think those jars are freaking awesome! They’re just cool. They make you want to consume something and they’re thick glass and they’re just, I don’t know, there’s just something about mason jars that make me feel like I should grow a beard and just hang out in the woods, so I use mason jars for other things.

I use these bottling jars, not the lid, but I use the mason jar itself to serve Kombucha tea in, right and there’s a difference, so I brew my own Kombucha, or if I’m serving Kombucha out of a continuous brewing system right from the spigot, awesome, if you’re pouring it into a mason jar, great.

I use these jars for fresh squeezed juices, so in the morning if I’m preparing an apple, celery, jalapeno, yes jalapeno, ginger, garlic treat for myself, it’s going into a mason jar, I’m enjoying it.

kombucha second fermentation bottling

kombucha bottling mason jar

love me the bottles.. just not those metal caps. you CAN place some wax paper in between to stop the corrosion!

So there’s lots of uses for mason jars, but we’re talking about specifically bottling during a secondary fermentation of Kombucha tea.

The reason Bottling Kombucha Tea In Mason Jars may not be the best fit is, one, some of them, I know the ones that I’ve used, have metal, a metal top to it and metal caps aren’t the best choice because over time that metal, especially if it’s not stainless steel metal, will rust and I think rust is the word, right? So the acidity of Kombucha tea is so strong that it will break it down and we don’t want that.

The other thing with mason jars is, if you look, it just goes up and down, there’s no tapered neck, so when we’re bottling something that has pressure or that will continue to build up pressure, things like Kombucha, things like beer, we want that tapered neck and we also want some type of safety, safety valve and safety valve means, as simple as a used wine bottle.

When I say used wine bottles, next time you drink a bottle of wine, save the bottle, rinse it out and to me that is the better alternative for kombucha bottling because you have the tapered neck and you have a cork. Your cork, that’s your safety way, if something does happen, the cork will pop up.

Well how do I know this about bottling?

Well I used to do my kombucha bottling like this and what I liked about it, the nice thing was, the mason jar itself, the lid would pop up, so that was my insurance that okay, pressure is being built up.

In terms of the acidity of the lid and is it really the best way, I never had an exploding bottle, but how much pressure could that lid take versus a cork that would just pop off, or if you’re bottling it in a plastic bottle, feeling that pressure.

how to brew kombucha tea at home to ensure a safe bottling

We’ve dedicated tons and tons of videos and training on this, so please check out our kombucha recipe and bottling guides.

But here’s 2 quick safety bottling tips in addition to the wine one.

  • store your bottles when you do a secondary fermentation in a cool outside in the garage. if you do get an exploding bottle (and keep in mind this is very rare so don’t want to freak anyone out!, but it’s a better safe than sorry scenario!), it will be self contained.
  • then when you are ready to enjoy, place the cooler in the fridge. the cool temp will stop (or slow down) the fermentation process, making it much safer and stable when you do go to pop open a nice cold one!

That’s all today. As you can see, mason jars are awesome for so many things. For kombucha it is great for serving, but not so much for storing when you bottle.

Happy Brewin’,

Dave :)

Health Benefits of Black Tea: Fermented, Unsweetened & Beyond!

benefits of black teaYes boys and girls, it’s that time again!  Another installment of our kombucha diversiTEA series.  This one talks about the what many consider to be the grand daddy of all of the teas.  I’m talking about Black Tea.  This post will discuss the origins and history of black tea as well as the health benefits of black tea.

This should wet your appetite and then we will have another post on the applications of black tea and kombucha for another healthy session.  sound good? (or should I say, taste good?).

what is black tea

My girl Cathy Wong writes:

Black tea is made from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. The leaves are dried and fermented, which gives the tea a darker color and richer flavor than green tea (which does not undergo the fermentation process).

ok, so there is that word fermentation again.  the last post already went over the difference between fermented tea in terms of loose leaf teas and fermented teas when we talk about kombucha.

BlackTeas.com chimes in with a great history of black tea:

The origin of tea brewing originated many thousands of years ago. The simple act of putting leaves into hot water has provided ancient societies with medicinal benefits, as well as a tasty beverage to enjoy by itself or with a meal.

Many attribute the discovery of tea to the Emperor Shen Nung, a Chinese ruler in the 2700s BC. A leaf accidentally dropped into a glass of hot water, or so the story goes, and tea brewing as we know it was born.

By the 1800s, tea had spread across the world, from China to Europe, and from there to a New World full of tea drinkers in the far west, where the Boston Tea Party and other events in American history show the power of tea in the marketplace.

Now keep in mind, before I started getkombucha.com I was working with an outstanding tea company and became bit of a tea dork/nerd/enthusiast so I freakin love this stuff (and I hope you do too)…

I mean, aside from health, tea has played such a big part in our history!  I probably would have paid more attention in middle school if more classes were about tea :)

Because of the way black tea is made, the finished product holds its flavor and potency well, making it a hot commodity for generations before our modern methods of food preservation.

The ancient tea sellers made black tea into compressed bricks and sent it on long journeys, trading it with foreign merchants for other materials. In some cases, black tea has even been used as a kind of currency, and over some parts of Asia, experts say, that persisted even into the 19th century. Black tea eventually made its way to the West, where today tea drinkers enjoy black tea in a variety of hot and iced specialty drinks.

what are the benefits of black tea

Black tea has tons of health benefits some are all on to itself and some are across the board no matter what type of tea you drink you will benefit from.

Livestrong wrote a nice article on this:

Drinkers who enjoy black tea regularly may benefit, especially if they already have cardiovascular disease. Because the theaflavins stop oxidation of LDL cholesterol, this effect helps to reduce the risk of heart disease.

Drinking black tea may help heart attack patients by increasing their rate of survival following a heart attack.
Black tea improves the ability of the blood vessels in the body to relax and expand, thus helping consumers maintain a healthier blood pressure. Black tea also contains a molecule called a catechin, which produces nitric oxide, helping the blood vessels in the body to dilate.

You can also benefit with drinking black tea in other ways, like killing viruses!

Yes.. in fact if you ever get a touch ache or mouth sore you might have hear, “gargle with salt water”.. if you want to kick it up a notch for your health, gargle with salt black tea!  BOOM.

New research conducted at Pace University by Milton Schiffenbauer finds that drinking black tea can help to neutralize the virus that causes herpes. Researchers have known that black tea can render the germs that cause diarrhea, skin infections, pneumonia, cystitis and skin infections.
Tea drinkers can kill viruses lurking in their mouths.

health benefits black tea vs green tea

black tea benefits vs green

ok, so how are the health benefits of black tea different than green (or white)?  well here’s the thing.  they are different AND they are ALL GOOD FOR YOU!

Until recently, tea research has focused on green tea. Green tea is loaded with the compound epigallocatechin gallate (EGCg), a powerful anti-oxidant. Since the fermentation process used to make black tea converts EGCg into other compounds, researchers assumed black tea had less health benefits than green tea. However, recent studies indicate the compounds contained in black tea – theaflavins and thearubigensdo more than contribute to its dark color and distinctive flavor. They also provide health benefits originally attributed solely to green tea.

So although studies are limited in terms of comparing one to the other, there have been some interesting health studies out there…

A long-term study by the Netherlands National Institute of Public Health and the Environment found a correlation between regular consumption of black tea and reduced risk of stroke. Researchers looked at data from a study examining the health benefits of foods that are high in flavonoids – phytonutrients with antioxidant benefits. While some of the flavonoids were obtained from fruits and vegetables,

eventy percent came from black tea.The study looked at 552 men over a 15 year period. Researchers concluded that the flavonoids in black tea helped reduce the production of LDL – the “bad” cholesterol that can lead to stroke and heart attacks. Furthermore, men who drank over four cups of black tea per day had a significantly lower risk of stroke than men who drank only two to three cu

ps per day.

A separate study by Dr. Joseph Vita at Boston’s School of Medicine supported these results. For four months, sixty-six men drank four cups of either black tea or a placebo daily. Dr. Vita concluded that drinking black tea can help reverse an abnormal functioning of the blood vessels that can contribute to stroke or heart attack. Furthermore, improvement in the functioning of the blood vessels was visible within two hours of drinking just one cup of black tea.

In another post we will talk about the health benefits of black tea for kombucha fermentation.  It’s pretty, pretty, pretty, amazing stuff…. uh, but then again I am a tea dork/nerd. :)

Happy Brewin’,

Kombucha Dave :)

Finally I would like to leave you with a video that I really enjoy on how to prepare Black Tea.  There are tons, but this is one of my favorites!



Top 3 Kombucha Dangers and 1 Kombucha Mistake To Improve

Boy this is morKombucha Mistakee intensive than my college Economics 101 class (though we won’t get upset if you play hooky and sleep in class… or ask the cute boy or girl sitting next to you, c’mon what are you waiting for, pass them a love note already!).

This class will focus on the top 3 mistakes beginners make brewing their first batch.

We will then discuss the number one problem that experienced brewers don’t tell you with brewing and continuously drinking and bottling kombucha tea.

Top Kombucha Dangers To Avoid

Preparing Your Sweet Tea: 

  • Though already discussed, the sweet tea solution should not be prepared using an aluminum pot. In fact aluminum should NEVER come in contact with your kombucha culture or your kombucha tea.  You won’t turn to stone or anything, but possible avoid aluminum.
  • Be sure to add the proper amount of sugar to your Sweet Tea Solution. You would be amazed how many people still don’t believe that the majority of this sugar gets converted into the kombucha benefits and properties of what makes kombucha tea healthy for you. Remember, the sugar is not for you to ingest, but for your Kombucha SCOBY to live and grow.
  • Don’t use overly flavored teas (especially ones with a high essential oil content, like peppermint).  Remember, I am not saying don’t use these teas, experimentation is the best part of life (that and Ben and Jerry’s Cherry Garcia).  Just make sure that you use it either with our Kombucha Tea Blend or some other comparable Camellia sinensis tea.  Also it is always recommend to have a back up culture is a separate jar or in the fridge, just in case the experimentation party has to end early (Mom and Dad ended up getting early reservations and are on their way home!!!).

Incorporating Your Sweet Tea:

  • Make sure your Sweet Tea has cooled down to room temperature. You can use the quick cooling method from the last class to speed the process or just let the tea rest over night.  Don’t wait too long once it cooled though as regular tea without a kombucha culture and starter tea will start to be vulnerable to pathogens if left at room temp.
  • Be sure to always have at least 10% of brewed kombucha tea with your Sweet Tea solution when brewing again. This will both “jump start” your brewing, as well as ensure that your SCOBY is protected from the elements those critical first few days.
  • Make sure after you incorporate your sweet tea, starter tea, and kombucha culture, you cover with a breathable cloth (but not too breathable.. think paper towel over cheese cloth) over the top with a rubber band and place in a warm place (68 to 78 F) and away from smoke and plants.

Stop Worrying:

  • It’s great if you decide to choose to purchase a kombucha brewing system and learn how to brew your own. Enjoy it, everything will work!
  • Once you placed your SCOBY, Sweet Tea Solution, and Starter Tea in your brewer, give it some quite time for at least 5 days. Over checking your kombucha will disturb the fermentation process.

Is My Kombucha Molding?Kombucha Dangers

Mold CAN occur… though it is highly unlikely because your kombucha culture is most susceptible to Mold during the bottling and transportation process of separating your SCOBY from your freshly brewed Kombucha Tea. So kombucha mold is very unlikely.

Please make sure everything is sterile (hands washed with vinegar, clean working surface, no smoke, etc). This is a very critical time. If you can commit to do this with every batch you should be fine.

Did you know, 90% of what beginner brewers think is moldy kombucha, are actually tannins forming from the tea. If the spot resembles the mold you find on a piece of bread (fuzzy appearance), it is mold. Otherwise, you should be good to go!

The Problem That Experienced Brewers Won’t Ever Tell You!

If you speak with people who have already begun brewing their own kombucha tea with kombucha cultures, they will tell you it is wonderful. However, the biggest obstacle is constantly keeping up with changing the fermented tea out with the new sweet tea.

Traditionally the process involves, removing the kombucha culture from its brewing container, removing the fermented tea from the container and bottling the tea. Putting back the kombucha culture into the container, and finally starting from scratch by adding a new round of freshly made tea and sugar.  And all this has to be done in a complete sanitized environment.

This can be very time consuming, not to mention the risk of having the culture more susceptible to air born harmful bacterias and unsanitary handling.  As we just discussed, the more time your SCOBY is removed from its tea solution, the higher risk of the SCOBY being susceptible to mold.

The Solution That THOUSANDS Will Tell You!

By using one container to both ferment and dispense will allow you to brew  kombucha extremely easy and remove the risk of your SCOBY coming into contact with harmful elements. This system allows you to constantly drink home made kombucha tea without ever removing the kombucha culture from its container.

Tomorrow we will delve into the Continuous Brewing Method in more detail, and show how you can use it to cut your bottling time in half! Hmm… now if I can only say the same about it cutting my rent in half…

Happy Brewin’,

Dave :)

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