Does Kombucha Stain Teeth?

As much as kombucha is known for it’s benefits… there are some side effects.

We spoke about some of them in other videos, but enough people were asking me about this specific question, so I thought to do a quick video to answer… and more importantly, provide the solution to the potential problem!

Will kombucha stain my teeth?

Well, kombucha is made with tea from camaillia senensis, which means it contains tannins.

Tannins are found in things like tea, like coffee, chocolate and yes.  If you consume them over a long period of time, they will stain your teeth.

When you take this and the fact that kombucha also has a low ph level you can have a potential problem.

You see a low ph means that kombucha is acidic externally, which can also effect your teeth.

Remember, we need to keep in mind that a low ph of kombucha makes it acidic only externally, as once it is digested it alkalizes the body as it attaches to minerals… lemon juice and apple cider vinegar have similar effects.

Also, it is thanks to this low ph that kombucha is safe to brew at room temp (all that acetic acid protects it from what would be a mess… I mean have you ever took regular iced tea and left it at room temp?.. you will have mold then next day!).

So don’t hate on tannins and low ph!  :)

kombucha tooth stain

How To Solve The Does Kombucha Stain Teeth Problem.
Here are 2 solutions to help with not having stained teeth.  Keep in mind both techniques will not just work with kombucha but with anything that has high tannins and low ph.

Solution #1 is simply drinking through a straw. The straw will allow the kombucha to bypass the teeth.  BOOM.  Problem solved…  Though some might think this is the easiest, it is not my preferred way.

why you ask?

Quite simply I don’t enjoy drinking through straws (green smoothies are the exception).. ok, so that is a personal preference.. but coming up is solution #2 which is better for other reasons.. even for straw lovers!

I’ll have a kombucha with a chaser of water, please!

That’s right.  By simply drinking some water (and swishing it around so your teeth get a “drink” too), you feed 2 birds with one.. kombucha.

The water will remove the tannin and acidity on the teeth, while at the same time you are getting the desperately needs h20 that super charges your kombucha and your liver.

Let me know which of these 2 solutions you like best and if you have any others you use to help with kombucha stains.


Happy Brewin’,

Dave :)

Bottling Kombucha Tea In Mason Jars

Question of the week: Bottling Kombucha Tea In Mason Jars. In this video we are going to answer a question, can I bottle my Kombucha tea in a mason jar?

Yes, that’s right. Here at I not only talk about basic brewing recipes but I love this stuff so much (ahem and talking and making kombucha so much), that we are actually dedicating a post and video to talk about bottling kombucha tea in mason jars.

Can you Bottle Kombucha Tea In Mason Jars?

Sure, but is it the best container to use for bottling?

I don’t think so and here’s why.

First before I start bashing bottling in those jars, let me say I think those jars are freaking awesome! They’re just cool. They make you want to consume something and they’re thick glass and they’re just, I don’t know, there’s just something about mason jars that make me feel like I should grow a beard and just hang out in the woods, so I use mason jars for other things.

I use these bottling jars, not the lid, but I use the mason jar itself to serve Kombucha tea in, right and there’s a difference, so I brew my own Kombucha, or if I’m serving Kombucha out of a continuous brewing system right from the spigot, awesome, if you’re pouring it into a mason jar, great.

I use these jars for fresh squeezed juices, so in the morning if I’m preparing an apple, celery, jalapeno, yes jalapeno, ginger, garlic treat for myself, it’s going into a mason jar, I’m enjoying it.

kombucha second fermentation bottling

kombucha bottling mason jar

love me the bottles.. just not those metal caps. you CAN place some wax paper in between to stop the corrosion!

So there’s lots of uses for mason jars, but we’re talking about specifically bottling during a secondary fermentation of Kombucha tea.

The reason Bottling Kombucha Tea In Mason Jars may not be the best fit is, one, some of them, I know the ones that I’ve used, have metal, a metal top to it and metal caps aren’t the best choice because over time that metal, especially if it’s not stainless steel metal, will rust and I think rust is the word, right? So the acidity of Kombucha tea is so strong that it will break it down and we don’t want that.

The other thing with mason jars is, if you look, it just goes up and down, there’s no tapered neck, so when we’re bottling something that has pressure or that will continue to build up pressure, things like Kombucha, things like beer, we want that tapered neck and we also want some type of safety, safety valve and safety valve means, as simple as a used wine bottle.

When I say used wine bottles, next time you drink a bottle of wine, save the bottle, rinse it out and to me that is the better alternative for kombucha bottling because you have the tapered neck and you have a cork. Your cork, that’s your safety way, if something does happen, the cork will pop up.

Well how do I know this about bottling?

Well I used to do my kombucha bottling like this and what I liked about it, the nice thing was, the mason jar itself, the lid would pop up, so that was my insurance that okay, pressure is being built up.

In terms of the acidity of the lid and is it really the best way, I never had an exploding bottle, but how much pressure could that lid take versus a cork that would just pop off, or if you’re bottling it in a plastic bottle, feeling that pressure.

how to brew kombucha tea at home to ensure a safe bottling

We’ve dedicated tons and tons of videos and training on this, so please check out our kombucha recipe and bottling guides.

But here’s 2 quick safety bottling tips in addition to the wine one.

  • store your bottles when you do a secondary fermentation in a cool outside in the garage. if you do get an exploding bottle (and keep in mind this is very rare so don’t want to freak anyone out!, but it’s a better safe than sorry scenario!), it will be self contained.
  • then when you are ready to enjoy, place the cooler in the fridge. the cool temp will stop (or slow down) the fermentation process, making it much safer and stable when you do go to pop open a nice cold one!

That’s all today. As you can see, mason jars are awesome for so many things. For kombucha it is great for serving, but not so much for storing when you bottle.

Happy Brewin’,

Dave :)

Kombucha While Pregnant

Is Drinking Kombucha While Pregnant Safe?

Can I drink Kombucha while I’m pregnant?

That is a question that I received, I’m not asking you guys because I don’t think I’ll ever be pregnant and that there lies the challenge for me responding.

A lot of my responses to questions about Kombucha, yes from research, but research could be a little dogmatic, because mention one somewhere then all of a sudden it’s mentioned everywhere and it becomes law, so a lot of my responses also from my own personal experience, that’s why I feel so confident and comfortable talking about my own experience and why I also encourage people when they brew to experiment and see what works for them.

In this question, with this situation, I cannot talk about my own personal experience of being pregnant while drinking Kombucha, I can talk about what the research in terms of, when I say research I mean what has been the dogma so to speak, what has been found in past books and articles and so on and so forth and they have recommended not drinking Kombucha while pregnant, and the basis is these three reasons:

1) Caffeine in Kombucha

Kombucha traditional, but we know now you could prepare it with a caffeine free version, but traditionally, it has been prepared using black tea, green tea, camellia sinensis, which does contain caffeine, while you’re pregnant, they say, and they, I guess dogma, whatever doctors, say you should not consume caffeine.

2) Alcohol Levels

Also Kombucha contains a small amount of alcohol, also something that they say is not the best to consume while pregnant.

3) Detoxification Process

Finally Kombucha is detoxifying to the body, and whether it’s true or not, the research or a belief is that, well if you’re drinking something that’s detoxifying for the body, at an early state of pregnancy you body might think that this fetus could be foreign and might detoxify it out.

So those are traditionally the three cases for not drinking Kombucha during pregnancy.

drinking kombucha while pregnant

Always Seek Professional Advise

I would suggest speaking to your medical doctor, I’m not a medical doctor, I can’t give advice and I’ve never been pregnant.

What I can say is, which is really cool, my sister was pregnant about a year and a half ago and she did not drink Kombucha while she was pregnant, but I came home to visit and see my niece, hi Jennifer if you’re watching this and you’re old enough to actually understand what I’m saying to you right now.

Kombucha and Breastfeeding

I got a chance to meet her midwife, and her midwife was so cool, I told her that this is what I do, I live out in LA and I teach people how to successfully brew Kombucha at home, and when I mentioned the word Kombucha, she went crazy, she said she recommends it to her patients, to her midwife patients, not so much during pregnancy, but after pregnancy if the baby has a little indigestion.

Now there’s few things, I guess the mother could consume the Kombucha and through the breast milk the baby could get the Kombucha that way.

There’s a little belief that it sours the milk, so on and so forth, what she told my sister to do, was to simply add a little bit, now we’re talking small, a few drops of Kombucha in with water and have her drink that to help with the indigestion, so this is one midwife’s experience and advice I would say seek out, but at least have it as an option and really this video if you’re watching this and you have been pregnant, and incorporated Kombucha or did not incorporate Kombucha, I want to know your thoughts.

Love to Hear About Your Story On Drinking Kombucha Tea During Pregnancy

drinking kombucha tea while pregnant

Please comment and contact us, if there’s an opportunity to write on where ever you’re viewing this video, share.

We’re building a community, we’re all going to be learning and growing together and thank you so much, because what ever you decide to do, by sharing it with our community, it really, where the greater of the good becomes greater than a single individual.

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Kombucha Side Effects: What To Do

Today I’d like to discuss the negative Kombucha side effects, and really define what a kombucha side effect is, because it could well in fact be that a small percentage of the population is allergic to Kombucha, just like a larger part of the population is negative kombucha side effect dry brushingallergic to wheat, gluten, peanuts and things like that.

Now there is a lot of people that would say all an allergy is, is your body expressing itself that in it’s current environment, current situation, it’s not working, so I know people that are lactose intolerant, but they’ve made other lifestyle changes and they can drink milk no problem.

One of those changes is actually drinking Kombucha, because the idea of having probiotics and things that can digest lactose, it actually makes it so that they can drink milk.

Now that’s just one example, I’m not saying if you drink, if you’re lactose intolerant and you start drinking Kombucha that it will work for you, but just an idea to entertain, that an allergy is not necessarily an allergy that you have that you own an allergy, maybe currently the way that your body is expressing something is allergic.

I know a few people contact me about this after they first drink a kombucha at the store like what are gts kombucha side effects?

Well it could be your body might react to one kombucha over the next as the ingredients could change in terms of what type of tea they use (caffeinated vs non-caffeinated for example).

Or perhaps some bottles are more fermented or has more sugar than the others, but for the most part the gts kombucha side effects, would be the same for any other brand kombucha (but you would have to experiment).

Detoxing Your Body

Another way of saying that is perhaps a negative Kombucha side effect could be a runny nose, going to the bathroom a lot, and that could literally be that your body is getting stuff out that it needs to get out that it had in there for a while.

I always compare this, and again there’s term known in the wellness community called a cleansing crisis, people that have gone on a master cleanse before, which is pretty much just like drinking maple syrup and lemons and water, cayenne pepper, doing all that stuff, I did one, and I had a cleansing crisis.

It Gets Worse Before It Gets Better

The first couple days you feel like poop, you’re sweating, you’re breaking out, all that stuff, but then all of a sudden the 4th or 5th day, you feel like a million bucks, so the analogy is, is that if you’re, do you ever clean your room where you throw your bed sheet on and take all your dirty clothes and just throw it in the closet and just close the closet, it’s like cleaning, but it’s not really cleaning.

When you’re really cleaning your room, you got to go through stuff, you’ve got to empty out things, in fact it looks a little messier before it gets a lot cleaner, so the idea of a cleansing crisis is that sometimes especially when we’re doing something that we have not done ever, we’re incorporating something new into our body, the body needs to take that stuff that isn’t clean and get it out.

So a gts kombucha side effect could be a runny nose, head ache, going to the bathroom, throwing up even, breaking out in rashes or pimples or things like that, swelling and things like this.

Now, if you experience this and feel like something is off, please seek medical attention, I am not a medical doctor, but here are some tips that you could do to help along your body getting out that stuff in a positive way:

How to Help With Negative Kombucha Side Effects

Kombucha Tea Side Effects Rebounding

  • Lymphatic Draining.  You could do a dry brushing, if you’ve never heard of that, Google it, maybe we’ll do a video on dry brushing, rebounding, jumping up and down, you don’t even need a trampoline, just jump up and down, moving, walking, exercising.
  • Drinking Water.  Having water is great for assiting your body on a kombucha cleanse so you’re getting these things out, but on your terms, all these things will help.
  • Be The Turtle. Finally, it’s better to be a turtle than a rabbit, if you’re drinking Kombucha and you’re noticing some subtle side effects, not good, not side effects like energy and feeling really good, but subtle side effects that aren’t too good? Well, simply reduce the amount of Kombucha tea you drink at one time, so better to have 2 ounces of Kombucha, 3 times a day, then a 1/2 a gallon of Kombucha once a week.

Hope this helped with not only defining what a negative kombucha side effect is, but also how to go about to assist the body with dealing with kombucha side effects.

Happy Brewin’,

Dave :)


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Does Kombucha Have Caffeine?

Today’s question comes in from Charlie from North Dakota and he wants to know if there is Caffeine in kombucha

Great question Charlie!  So… what do you guys think? Does Kombucha have caffeine?

To answer this question we first need to say, what are you using to brew Kombucha in your kombucha recipe.  If you’re using camellias senensis tea, which is defined as, from the camellias senensis plant, black tea, oolong tea, green tea, white tea, all these things contain caffeine.

Why? Because they come from a plant that contains caffeine.

So, if you’re using a source that has caffeine, after the fermentation when you consume it there will still be caffeine in your kombucha.

The kombucha caffeine amount, in theory, is less, how less? It really depends on certain factors in brewing, but you could say a good rule of thumb is 50% less.

Kombucha Tea Caffeine Levels

What does that mean?

Well, tea in general has 50% less caffeine in terms of volume, not weight, so if you look at coffee, you need a lot of coffee to make a cup of coffee.

Do you ever look at tea? You only need a little bit of tea to make a cup of tea, but in terms of those cups, there’s in general more caffeine found in a cup of coffee than in a tea, plus tea has other things like theanine which relaxes the body.

I know it’s hard to believe because I drink a lot of tea and am still hyperactive, so you’re looking at half of coffee and then half again because throughout the fermentation process usually the amount of caffeine that you start with is half.

If you’re hypersensitive to caffeine, you can use alternatives, meaning rooibos is a good alternative to camellias senensis, honey bush and you can use herbal blends,

However when you use herbal blend teas, things like chamomile, things like lemon grass, it is still good to add some camellias tea, especially for newer brewers to ensure that the nitrogen levels and tannin levels are high enough, which then get converted to all the goodies found in Kombucha.

  • Go HERE to see a collection of Energizing Teas For Your Kombucha (i.e. Has Caffeine)
  • Go HERE to see a collection of Relaxing Teas For Your Kombucha (i.e. No Caffeine)

So, Does Kombucha Have Caffeine In It?

Hopefully by now you can see that it is entirely up to you!

Though if you are not crazy hypersensitive to caffeine I would always recommend to new kombucha brewers to add at least a little Kombucha Tea Blend into their recipe for their first couple of batches.

Another thing you can do is use a tea blend tea (so naturally it will have caffeine in it), and use it to store your cultures in.  Then, when you go to brew kombucha you can use an herbal blend, but the culture will be nice and strong from being stored in the natural tea blend.

It’s a nice little tip that I have not seen anywhere else online… and it part of my MacGyver Kombucha Tool Kit :)

Hope you enjoy it.

Happy Brewin’,

Dave :)

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Kombucha Side Effects or Kombucha Tea Side Effects Explained

Today we will be discussing Kombucha benefits and side effects, so everyone should have seen some of our other articles and videos and posts, speaking to Kombucha benefits, a lot of people then are asking we, well in addition to the Kombucha benefits, are there any Kombucha side effects?  There can be, so first just let me, first off by saying that in a population of lots and lots of people, there’s always going to be some people with an allergic reaction to something, now does that mean that it’s really an allergic reaction to that thing, or because other things are going on in their body, immune system, life, environment, whatever, is it causing that allergic reaction?

Kombucha Side Effects Example

Kombucha Side Effects
For example.  Someone who might be lactose intolerant, are they really lactose intolerant, or is it because they don’t have other things in their immune system or specifically digestive flora, hello Kombucha, to help break down that lactate. With that said though, if you’ve experienced something crazy, like a crazy allergic reaction, please, I’m not a medical doctor, go seek medical advice and make sure you get taken care of. What I have seen though, personal experience and only from people we’ve asked and have emailed me talking about the side effects of Kombucha, is that they could go through something called a cleansing crisis, a lot of times this happens when you do a cleanse, or when you give up something, so for instance someone who has been drinking 3 cups of coffee for the last year, suddenly stops drinking coffee, might experience massive headaches because the body is so used to that caffeine that when it starts reeducating itself, reorganizing itself, it kind of loses it’s way and needs to readjust.

For Kombucha, the Kombucha side effects that I’ve seen most prevalent has been, though it does help with digestion, it can help too much if you catch my drift and perhaps excessive bowl functions and also perhaps some skin rashes, even people with real sensitive skin even breaking out, what’s interesting is that these two things are also a benefit of Kombucha, right? Helping your skin and helping your digestion, so what does that mean and what can you do about it?

How To Avoid Kombucha Tea Side Effects

This is what you do, or what you can do, again the beautiful thing about Kombucha is that everyone could, and life, you gotta do what’s right for you and listen to your body, what I can suggest to you is, drink less Kombucha more frequently. So if you have been drinking a bottle of Kombucha a day, but in one sitting, and you’re experiencing your skin breaking out, it could mean that your body is just cleansing itself and there’s only so many ways your body can express itself to get things out, one is through a cold, sneezing and blowing your nose, through the skin and through flushing things out so to speak.

So try that 16 ounces and first I would cut your serving size in half, try 8 ounces, but even more so, do it 2 ounces throughout the day. It’s better to build up, then to have so much that your body, it’s not so much that it’s bad for you, it’s just that you’re slowly building it.

If you want to run a marathon, you’ve got to start with a little jog. So hope that answers some of your questions regarding Kombucha benefits and side effects.

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Brewing Kombucha Tea Dangers

Kombucha Tea Danger

Dangers of Brewing KombuchaSo today we're going to discuss Kombucha Tea Side Effects and Kombucha tea dangers and how to avoid them and it's pretty simple guys, just use common sense! I know, I know, that sounds like a cop out… and some of you who have never made kombucha at home may be a wee bit nervous (I know I was the first time I began brewing).  So to help some newbies, or as a good reminder for long time kombucha brewers, here are some tips to avoid any kombucha tea side effects.

How To Avoid Kombucha Tea Side Effects

  • You want to have a clean sanitized environment. This is actually on your favor though because Kombucha, especially in the later days, when it begins to ferment, and also because we're incorporating some of our kombucha starter tea, which already has a very low PH, is already at a lower PH level then other foods. This means that it's very hard for pathogens to get in and it's an aerobic fermentation in addition to anaerobic. Things like beer, if you're brewing beer you need all these other precautions, with Homemade Kombucha you can simply sanitize using white distilled vinegar.
  • The next tip is a little counter-intuitive is, you don't really want to use soap, or if you use soap to clean your hands or to clean your brewing container, and utensils, you want to really, really make sure that it is completely washed off, because soap has things like chlorine and things like that, not only kill bad bacteria, it will also kill good bacteria, so in addition to killing bad stuff, it's also going to kill the probiotics in your Kombucha tea and all the beneficial bacteria.
  • What I recommend to sanitize to ensure you don't have any kombucha tea side effects and kombucha danger again is good ole fashioned, white distilled vinegar.
  • Put it on a paper towel, wipe everything down, no need to even rinse, because again, the white distilled vinegar will keep it on, or wash really, really good.

Here is another cool little kombucha tip to help with any kombucha dangers of not properly sanitizing your kombucha brewer. I love it b/c it is so convenient and you are ensuring some extra healthy organic acids (the ones that only form after several days of fermenting your kombucha) are part of your new brew!

  • What I also like to do, which is something really cool, if you have Kombucha tea that's already overly fermented, when you first start brewing every once in a while you might over ferment your batch, doesn't taste so good to drink, there's so many other uses for that, we go into other posts and articles, uses for Kombucha externally and other uses for Kombucha, but one thing you can do with overly fermented Kombucha tea is use it to sterilize your containers and utensils for brewing Kombucha tea.

Cool so I have one more bonus tip to avoid a Kombucha Danger that many people don't even think about when they think about the dangers of brewing kombucha tea. And that is exploding kombucha bottles!

So in terms of homemade kombucha tea dangers, this is the number one thing I would say where it comes from. What happens is that many kombucha brewers want so much fizz where the bottle explodes. Not to worry, there are several things we can do to ensure this does not happen (and if it does happen how to minimize the damage!).

  • An easy fix on this is use a, if you really want to use glass use a wine bottle with a cork in it, put a cork in it, so to speak.
  • Every couple of days, just open up your Kombucha, kind of burp it, so to speak, see if it's fizzing up.
  • When you want to stop the fizz, stop the carbonation, stop the yeast from continuing to produce CO2, refrigerate.
  • When you refrigerate it will pretty much stop the fermentation process, still might slowly ferment, but you should be good to go.

Kombucha Danger Bottling Tip For Beginners

What I recommend for first time brewers, is to use plastic bottles. An F.D.A. quality, either 1 or 2 rated, so it doesn't have so much of the bad stuff. My personal opinion is, I think it's okay for short term use, maybe not long term storage, and the bottles are nice because they will bulk up, meaning they will, when you see fizz, or carbonation in the bottles, they will actually expand, so you could squeeze it and know that you're brew is ready.

Hopefully that solves some of the questions talking about Kombucha side effects or Kombucha dangers. Remember, if you have not done so already, sign up for our free 7 Day Kombucha Mini Course.. each class, now comes with Free Kombucha Instructional Videos as Well! If you have already signed up, feel free to email this article to a friend who is brewing or spread the word via your social web 2.0 empire (ie facebook, twitter, etc)! Happy Brewin', Dave :)