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Certified Organic Kombucha Rooibos Tea Blend - Caffeine Free

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Discover The Most Popular Caffeine Free Alternative For Kombucha Brewing

Rooibos, also known as Red Tea, comes from a South African red bush plant and not a tea plant. Because of this, Rooibos contains NO Caffeine, yet shares many of the same health benefits of traditional tea. It makes the perfect caffeine free alternative for kombucha brewing. Prepare the same way you would with tea to brew your kombucha tea… except due to the lower tannin levels it is recommended to steep a little longer compared to traditional tea.

    Here's What You're Going To Get

    • 60 servings per pouch... that's as little as .19 cents per bottle of kombucha!  Each stand up kraft pouch is heat sealed, light resistant and completely resealable with a 2 year shelf life so you can stock up and save big today!
    • Offers a natural sweet and astringent brew, that is wonderful served hot, iced, or for kombucha brewing (of course!).
    • Easy to follow illustrated kombucha recipe printed right on label


    Here’s What It Will Do For You

    • Increase well being. Packed with anti oxidants, polyphenols, and flavanoids – Research shows these components help with stress reduction and well being
    • Besides being Caffeine Free, our rooibos offers a nice alternative to our original kombucha tea blend and is the perfect base for flavoring your kombucha
    • Over 9 years of proven results

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