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Kombucha Tonic Herbal Infused Immune Booster

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9 immune boosting organic herbs supercharged with the power of kombucha supporting the circulatory and immune system.

Cayenne and Chili Pepper fights inflammation, clears mucus membranes, detoxifies, stimulates blood flow, protects and nourishes the heart; stimulates every organ quickly. Garlic Bulb kills bad bacteria, fungi and parasites, anti-carcinogenic. Onion and Ginger is anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and supports digestion. Goji berry and Elderberry is packed with Vitamin C and great for the blood and immune system. Licorice Root and Siberian Ginseng acts as a vehicle to synergistically boost all the other ingredient to work even better.

    Here's What You're Going To Get

    • 30 Servings, packaged in 1 oz light resistant glass amber with glass dropper applicator
    • Can be used on it’s own, as a salad dressing, or added to water or your favorite beverage
    • Unlimited shelf life – No refrigeration required!


    Here’s What It Will Do For You

    • Alkalize the body! Natural anti-viral, fungal, and bacterial.
    • Go Anywhere! Meets TSA carry on travel requirements.
    • Easy to use! Liquid flavaniods work quickly to get you feeling invigorated.

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