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Bulgarian Rosewater Kombucha Toner

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These 2 Ingredients Will Give You Radiant Hair and Beautifully Toned Skin On The Go

Kombucha Toner makes the perfect compliment to our other Kombucha Extract Products, as it focuses on the largest living organ that we have… our skin.  Rather than have 40+ ingredients (seriously have you read some of the labels on skin and hair care products!!??), our kombucha toner is made from 100% Certified Steam Distilled Bulgarian Rosewater (Yin) and Organic Kombucha Extract (Yang) is a match made in heaven as one compliments the other to clean, tone, hydrate, Ph balance and protect all skin types.

    Here's What You're Going To Get

    • 1 month supply, packaged in 2 oz light resistant glass cobalt blue with glass dropper applicator
    • Made from 100% certified Bulgarian rose steam distilled rose petals and kombucha extract. Perfect for all skin types (oily, dry, combo)!
    • Unlimited shelf life – No refrigeration required

    Here’s What It Will Do For You

    • Clean, tone, hydrate, Ph balance and protect your skin
    • Nourish and replenish hair throughout the day
    • Can also be used as an all in one natural deodorizer from armpits to rooms and shoes!

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