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Kombucha Starter Kit - Classic Plus Edition

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Since 2006, This Kombucha Kit Has Helped 42,492 Kombucha Drinkers Become Successful Kombucha Brewers... You Can Do This!.

By far, this is the coolest and easiest way to get started making kombucha tea at home.

    Here's What You're Going To Get

    • Size Does Matter - 6.5 inches in diameter and up to 1 inch thick... 9 times larger than other cultures!
    • Free Starter Liquid - Proprietary kombucha starter liquid, ensuring that your culture is super charged with billions of healthy probiotics when it arrives at your doorstep.
    • 160 Servings of Whole Leaf Tea Blend - There's a reason why more kombucha drinkers around the world successfully make kombucha with this tea blend than any other. Certified Organic, certified delicious.
    • Kombucha Boosters™ Sampler 5 Pack - Formulated herbal blends that enhances the taste and benefits of your kombucha tea.  Each pre-measured, reusable pouch supercharges up to 2 gallons of tea.
    • Brewing Accessories - Includes 2 brewing covers (1 black and 1 white to personalize your new kit), fasteners, ph strips to test your kombucha, 2 reusable tea filter pouches, certified organic and fair trade evaporated cane juice and more! We call this your kombucha goody bag because it comes with lots of cool stuff that will make your kombucha brewing experience oh so awesome!


    Stop Paying For Store Bought Kombucha Tea And Join 43,385 Home Brewers, Just Like You, Making It For Just Pennies!

    • Save Money - "Making kombucha tea with this kit has already saved me $129, this month alone. My friends can't believe that my kombucha tastes better than the ones they buy". - (5 Stars) Alice B.
    • Best. Gift. Ever. - "I got this kit for one of my best friends who loves kombucha... she absolutely love it and came over tonight to share her kombucha with me". - (5 Stars) Brenda W.
    • World Class Customer Support - You are supported every step of the way with our world class support via email, phone or skype.


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