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Well, the only one written by me, Dave. the happy go lucky guy that’s in all those kombucha recipe videos. I’m also the guy that personally responds to all you kombucha related questions via email, facebook, twitter, and (when I can) even by phone!

You see, it wasn’t so long ago that I began drinking kombucha and wanted to learn how to brew it at home.

The only problem was that at the time there wasn’t so much info about kombucha recipes on how to do this and the all of those recipes that were out there were, for lack of a better word, boring!

I decided to change all that and started getkombucha.com with the mission to make kombucha at home easy, safe, and fun.

Add that to the amazing benefits of drinking kombucha and you have a winning combination. Feel free to look around and explore (heck play!).

We update the blog very frequently with YOUR questions, so if you have one leave a comment and I will be sure to answer it in an upcoming post and/or video.

I compiled a “Best Of” below to cover some quick basis of what kombucha is, how can you benefit from it, how to make it and what brewing supplies you need.

what is kombucha?

So if you have already signed up for our free intro class (which is here), you probably already know what kombucha is, but here is a quick overview.

One way to think of it is first as a process, like fermentation. If you think of it that way then you start with tea and then end up with kombucha tea.what is kombucha

And this is thanks to the process of fermentation. But how does it ferment you may ask? With something called a scoby…

Actually there are lots of names such as, kombucha mother, culture, mushroom, etc – My favorite one is an acronym known as SCOBY.

Symbiotic Colony of Yeast and Bacteria.

The idea here is that this SCOBY converts sugar and tea into living probiotics, digestive flora and healthy acids as the wonders of fermentation works its magic.

Now I know this is being typed out and you are reading this and I get asked tons of questions about how to actually pronounce the word.

I mean if somebody doesn’t know it and has never head it they think I am sneezing or perhaps trying to scare them with the boooocha!

So… How do you pronounce Kombucha? Before we start, I’m guilty, I actually sometimes say Kombacha kind of a potato, potato, if you really get into it.

So if you are still wondering if kombucha recipes are easy to make, let me answer that in the next video. The answer, shortest video response ever, yes, the recipes are easy, plus you really don’t need a lot of brewing supplies either!!

so let’s see why.

Well let’s see the components, how do you make Kombucha, what are the ingredients in Kombucha?

It is water, pretty easy enough, thankfully at least people we live, in my community, where water is pretty easily available.

Tea, now you can use other things besides that, that gets a little more dense, we call it a nutrient solution. You could call it a source for nitrogen and other minerals and vitamins, but again we want to make Kombucha easy for the people that are listening or watching or reading this, so we got water, tea, sugar.

Now don’t freak out, the sugar, most of it, like 90-95% gets converted into all this awesome stuff. Then we got a little bit of already brewed Kombucha tea, already made Kombucha, to, when you start brewing it, bring down the PH level making it preserved so you can brew it at room temperature and a culture, mushroom, scoby, mother, all different things Kombucha, but basically they’re all, by the way what I just said, they’re all the same name, all synonyms.

So it’s five things, you mix it all up, you put it in a pot for the sugar and the tea to infuse in the water, let it cool down, put it in a brewing container.

Put some cloth or some type of breathable material, not too breathable, so don’t use cheese cloth or anything like that, a paper towel works, and wait 4-12 days, testing it every once and a while, you got Kombucha, that’s it.

Now is brewing awesome, delicious Kombucha that’s fizzy and beneficial consistently easy?

Here’s the thing guys, the whole point of GetKombucha.com, was to make brewing easy and fun, to then get you motivated, if you decide to become a master brewing ninjas, to then go into more of the science and the control and talk about specific types of sugar, specific types of tea, specific water temperatures, specific, specific.

Anyway, so I hopefully that answers your question, if you could bake a cake, you can make Kombucha and I’m not talking about a homemade cake, I’m talking about like a Duncan Hines, open the bag and mix variety. Hope that answers your question, is Kombucha easy?

kombucha benefits

These days people like to know the benefits of things. Ha ha probably not just these days as I’m sure cavemen wanted to know what the benefits of fire were!

Since kombucha benefits vary from person to person (or kombucha brewer to brewer), they range from clearer skin to helping you poop!

I compiled a bunch of customer experiences and made some videos on the top 10 kombucha benefits. Below are 3 of those benefits. Remember this entire site is dedicated to kombucha so if you want to see all the kombucha benefits just go here.

Kombucha helps with hair!

Kombucha makes supplies tons of great stuff to your skin!

so the 2 videos above talk about benefits of kombucha on the outside. I thought to give you guys some stuff that you might not normally find regarding kombucha benefits.

this last benefit is one that many people experience and in the video I offer ways on what to do when you have too much of a good thing :)

kombucha recipes

Most places on the interweb you will see 1 article dedicated to a kombucha recipe and how to make kombucha. What we do here is offer our basic, flagship kombucha recipe complete with info-graph and lots of notes and then tons and tons of resources to help customize those kombucha recipes.

This about how many cake recipes there are. If you’re building a cake, you have basic ingredients right? Flour, sugar, water.

But what happens if you use a different type of sugar in your cake? Or perhaps you added some fresh fruit to flavor the dessert a certain way?

Well, the same goes for kombucha. You start simple and then you are only limited by your imagination!

We have an entire kombucha recipe section completely dedicated to the ingredients you use to brew kombucha, the bottling of kombucha , so you get those fizzy goodness in every batch, and of course how to properly flavor your kombucha.

On this site you will find recipes for ginger kombucha, yerbe mate recipes, even alcoholic kombucha recipes like our very own kombucharita!

I only scratched the surface and I’m tempted to keep showing you tons and tons of videos, but I think the load time of our homepage will begin to slow down if I put anymore up… so just head over to bottling kombucha or any of our other categories or posts to pick up on some great tips on how to make your kombucha taste like a rainbow and unicorn (assuming that those things metaphorically taste delicious).

kombucha brewing supplies

After reading this loooong intro (hey I told you I’m a kombuchaholic), you are pumped about making kombucha for yourself and are searching for some good supplies, good news!

You see, we are not only the #1 resource for komucha brewing education, we are also the #1 kombucha brewing supplies site…

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