Hi I’m Dave

I know that the internet can be a little “cold” so I wanted to shoot a video so you can actually see I’m a real person. And what I mean by real person, is that I actually enjoy tons of other things BESIDES kombucha! That’s right, I’m not going to sit here and tell you that all I do 16 hours out of the day is drink, brew, and write about kombucha (and anyone who does tell you that is either over marketing the truth or is a little weird if you ask me).

After all Kombucha is all about bringing balance into your body. What I can tell you though is that for the last 6 years it has played a big part in my life AND is directly attributed towards achieving several other things not kombucha related.

What Do I Mean?

Well, you see there was a time when I had no idea what the heck kombucha was let alone how to make it. The thought of me making kombucha, ha ha, let alone build a website dedicated to the success of others, would be almost inconceivable. Yet here I am writing this after being ranked the #1 kombucha site online, based on customers, subscribers, and positive reviews!

Ranked the #1 kombucha site online, based on customers, subscribers, and positive reviews!

So What Happened?

It is amazing when your mind thinks you can not do something, and then you successfully do it. Something has to give.. either you have to stop being good at it.. OR your belief system has to change. I chose the latter, and it is one of my life missions to do the same for you.

You see the kombucha benefits became a life lesson on limiting beliefs, and once I broke through that – it was off to the races! I am so happy to share my passions with our Kombucha Community and fellow Home Brewers.

You will soon discover just how awesome this stuff is, and where it can take you!

PS: If you have any questions on kombucha, be sure to sign up for our free kombucha course as it is chock full of amazing kombucha brewing info and will get you up and brewing in no time flat (or fizzy)! you can also check out our Kombucha Facebook Page and ask a question there.


That’s right. I’m a man that loves beer and facial hair and.. Oprah! Below is my audition tape for her network. The show idea is based off of my volunteer work with the elderly. It was a lot of fun and I learned a lot. Although I did not get selected (almost!, made it to the 3rd round), I was left with a feeling of accomplishment by taking the plunge and trying something new. What’s something new you can do today that will give you a feeling of accomplishment? Run a marathon? Make Kombucha? Match up your sock drawer?

On A Personal Note

I am honored to be a published author over at Mag2 where my weekly column Liquid Alchemy is a featured DigiLetter. In addition to kombucha, we delve deep into all things healthy and consumable via a straw!

I also love playing dodgeball, playing guitar and writing silly songs, and traveling. I think all of these things have the common thread of entertaining myself and others!

Seriously, if we are here for a short time, let’s make it a good time. So don’t be surprise if you order something from our company and you see an included personal love poem or even a personal Beatles song written and recorded just for you.

What? you don’t think I would be crazy enough to do that? Really? ok? you leave me no choice.. here are some I have done for past customers!!

Oh.. and here are the free wheat grass vids I talked about in the get to know me video… how to make wheat grass video.

Yes. I am crazy about Kombucha. But it is important that you know that I am a regular dude, that likes making people feel really, really, good – whether it is providing outstanding kombucha products or returning your phone calls with a song… I’m here to make YOUR day (and night) more fun!

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