Kombucha Gifts

our kombucha toner is made from 100% Certified Steam Distilled Bulgarian Rosewater (Yin) and Organic Kombucha Extract (Yang) is a match made in heaven as one compliments the other to clean, tone, hydrate, Ph balance and protect all skin types.

9 immune boosting organic herbs supercharged with the power of kombucha supporting the circulatory and immune system.

The world'd first and only kombucha probiotic supplement made from organic cold pressed kombucha cultures.

Get kombucha tea benefits on the go... without all the sugar, caffeine, or alcohol.

The world's first and only certified organic tea blend, specifically formulated for making kombucha tea at home, so you can have bottles at a timeā€¦ for just 19 pennies per serving!

Get one of every booster: Digestion and Weight Loss, Energy and Happiness, Health and Recovery, Relaxation and Meditation, and Sleep and Lucid Dreams .

Lose weight while helping your digestive system, at the same time

Naturally feel good and have more energy, at the same time!

Give your body the rest it deserves while you experience deep and insightful dreams

Give your brain the focus it needs while you experience relaxation and bliss.

*CLASSIC EDITION* Makes a gallon of great tasting kombucha in as little as 7 days. Enough kombucha tea blend to make 80 bottles! Easy to use and completely reusable. 100% satisfaction guarantee.

*BREWMASTER SELECT EDITION* Makes 8 gallons of great tasting enhanced kombucha in as little as 7 days + Professional Brewing Equipment + Tincture Bottles and Toners! Easy to use and completely reusable. 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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